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F.W. Gumley Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mystery Girl of St. Celia's Mellifont 1935 Mellifont Press Juvenile Series
The Phantom Footballer Mellifont 1939
The Hoodoo Half-Back Mellifont 1942
Diary of Death Mellifont 1942
The Bradley Breed Mellifont 1943
Crime in the Crypt Gerald Swan 1943
The Death Seance Mitre Press 1944
Death Calls the Tune Mitre 1944 Hubin states 1945
The House of Fatal Mirrors Grafton Publications 1944
The Lurking Death Mitre 1944
Death Goes Touring Mitre 1944
Death on Delivery Mitre 1944
The Football Racketeers Mellifont 1944
Death Behind the Door Mitre Press 1944
The Lurking Death Mitre 1944
Murder in the Museum Mellifont 1944
The Whirlwind Winger Mellifont 1944
The Ghoul Goalie Pan 1945
The Phantom Greyhound Pan 1945
The Toast is Death ! Mitre 1945
Death Visits the Parish Mitre 1945
The Phantom Greyhound Pan Press 1945
The Mystery of Horseshoe Island Roger Gordon 1946
The Mystery of the Locked Room Roger Gordon 1946
Death Stills the Brush Mitre 1946

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F.W. Gumley Author Biography - Information About the Author
F.W. Gumley is listed in Hubin but we have no information on Gumley, nor i sany listed by the British Library.
There are a few discrepancies date wise in Hubin, we've used dates double checked from more than one source which suggests a few errors in HUbin.
The odd book by FW Gummley appears to have had presumably large print runs as they're often seen, others though are bvvery rare in dust jacket.
The American Library of Congress makes no mention of any American editions.
There are a few children's annuals and the like which are not listed in this bibliography.

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