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Kenneth Giles - Charles Drummond - Edmund McGirr Bibliography

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Kenneth Giles Series Character: Inspector Harry James

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Some Beasts No More Gollancz 1965
The Big Greed Gollancz 1966
The Funeral was in Spain Gollancz 1966 As Edmund McGirr
A Provenance of Death Gollancz 1966
Death in Diamonds Gollancz 1967
Death and Mr Prettyman Gollancz 1967
Death at the Furlong Post Gollancz 1967 As Charles Drummond
Death Among the Stars Gollancz 1968
The Lead-Lined Coffin Gollancz 1968 As Edmund McGirr
Death and the Leaping Ladies Gollancz 1968 As Charles Drummond
An Entry of Death Gollancz 1969 As Edmund McGirr
Death Cracks a Bottle Gollancz 1969 Inspector Harry James and Sergeant
The Odds on Death Gollancz 1969 As Charles Drummond
Stab You in the Back Gollancz 1970 As Charles Drummond
Death Pays the Wages Gollancz 1970 As Edmund McGirr
Murder Pluperfect Gollancz 1970 An Inspector James & Sergeant Honeybody mystery
A Death in the Church Gollancz 1970
No Better Fiend Gollancz 1971 As Edmund McGirr
A Death at the Bar Gollancz 1972 As Charles Drummond Sergeant Bob Reed
Bardel's Murder Gollancz 1973 As Edmund McGirr
A File on Death Gollancz 1973
A Murderous Journey Gollancz 1974 As Edmund McGirr

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Kenneth Giles Author Biography - Information About the Author
Kenneth Giles was born in 192 and died in 1972, he also wrote under the pseudonyms Charles Drummond and Edmund McGirr.
A collectable author, incuding all the stated pseudonyms. First editions in dust jacket are not common, earlier titles quite rare, many being former public library copies.
The downside for books collectors is the curse of the infamous Yellow Jacket - a travesty and incredibly dull.
The books were published in America but the British first editions have precedence in every case.

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