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Alex Gerlis Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Alex Gerlis Series Character: Edgar (Captain, Major) - Richard Prince

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Alex Gerlis Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Best of Our Spies CB Creative Books 2012 Owen Quinn and a mysterious wife, wartime espionage
Reprinted 2020 Canelo
The Miracle of Normandy Kindle 2014 Alex Gerlis looks at the possible outcomes of the Normandy Landings
Not published in "real book" format
The Swiss Spy Studio 28 2015 WW II British Intelligence in Switzerland & Germany
Book reissued in 2020 Canelo Digital
Vienna Spies Studio 28 2017 Soviet spies seek to control Autria towards the end of the war
Softcover reissued in 2020
The Berlin Spies Studio 28 2019 Plans for a Fourth Reich after the war must be stopped
Paperback reissue 2020
Prince of Spies Kindle 2020 A German spy comes ashore on a stretch of Lincolnshire beach
An eBook at the time of preparaing this bibliography
Sea of Spies Kindle 2020 A Richard Prince wartime spy thriller
Currently on eBook, paperback to come?
Ring of Spies Kindle 2020 Richard Prince risks everything as the war ends
Not yet available in book format

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Alex Gerlis Author Biography - Information About the Author
Alex Gerlis was born in Lincolnshire which means he must be good !
We've personally read all four books in the "Spy Masters" series and very good they are too, better than many in this genre and period by authors who are better known. If you enjoy World War II espionage (as espionage fiction fans, Cold War is preferable than Hot War here) and you're not yet sick of the boom in books using this period as a backdrop then Alex Gerlis' books are well worth a read.
When books are available they are paperback originals, if you don't want first editions then the uniform Canelo reprints make an attractive set.
The last three books in the list are, at the time of writing, available only as downloads, this may change though, if it does we'll buy them.

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