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Darcy Glinto Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Lady, Don't Turn Over Wells Gardner 1940 Reprinted Robin Hood Press 1949
You Took Me Keep Me Robin Hood 1941
Snow Vogue Wells Gardner 1941 Oxford Library calls for "Vogues" (incorrectly)
Road Floozie 1941 Dublin Library list a 1941 copy (no publisher given)
British Library et al a 1950 ed' by Robin Hood Press
No Mortgage on a Coffin Robin Hood 1941 Hardback with dust jacket
Curtains for Carrie Robin Hood 1947
Blue Blood Flows East Robin Hood 1947
Dainty was a Jane Robin Hood 1948
Mannequin Moll Robin Hood 1948
Dame Between Two Robin Hood 1948
No Comeback from Connie Robin Hood 1948
Straight-Up Girl Robin Hood 1949
One More Nice White Body Robin Hood 1950
She Gave Me Hell and ... Robin Hood 1950
Dames are Out Robin Hood 1953
Licence for Lust George Turton 1959 Not listed in BL - re-titled reprint ?
Protection Pay Off ? Not listed in BL
Wild Blood ? Not listed in BL
Yours Truly, Hoodlum ? Not listed in BL
Snatched ? Not listed in BL
Duchess of Dope ? Not listed in BL
Born to Die ? Not listed in BL
All for a Dame ? Not listed in BL

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Darcy Glinto Author Biography - Information About the Author
Darcy Glinto is a pseudonym of Harold Ernest Kelly who was born in 1899. He also wrote as Eugene Ascher and, Gordon Holt and Buck Toler.
The author has the honour of being one of the first two writers to be legally declared as "obscene" in 1942.
Darcy Glinto is listed in Hubin, we've included all the titles held in all the major British reference libraries in this bibliography, hopefully a complete list of books in order.
The American Library of Congress contains no books at all by this author.
The books are rare and sought after by collectors many featuring superb period "lurid" artwork on the covers.

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