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The following Andrew Garve bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
No Tears for Hilda Collins Crime Club 1950 Jacket priced at 8/6
No Mask for Murder Collins 1950 Wrapper priced at 8/6
US: Fontego's Folly
A Press of Suspects Collins 1951 Cover priced at 8/6
US: By Line for Murder
Murder in Moscow Collins 1951 Cover priced at 8/6
US: Murder through the Looking Glass
A Hole in the Ground Collins 1952 DW priced 9/6
The Cuckoo Line Affair Collins 1953 DW priced 9/6
Death and the Sky Above Collins 1953 DW priced 9/6
The Riddle of Samson Collins Crime Club 1954 Red cloth, black letters. Jacket priced 9/6
The Megstone Plot Collins 1956 DW priced 10/6
The End of the Track Collins 1956 DW priced 10/6;
The Narrow Search Collins 1957 DW priced 10/6
The Galloway Case Collins 1958 DW priced 10/6
A Hero for Leanda Collins 1959 DW priced 10/6
The Golden Deed Collins 1960 DW priced 10/6
The Far Sands Collins 1961 DW priced 10/6
US precedes
The House of Soldiers Collins 1962 DW priced 12/6
US precedes
Prisoner's Friend Collins 1962 DW priced 12/6
The Sea Monks Collins 1963 DW 12/6. Artwork by P. Dell'Orco
Frame Up Collins 1964 DW priced 15/-
The Ashes of Loda Collins 1965 DW priced 15/-
Murderer's Fen Collins 1966 DW priced 16/-
US: Hide and Go Seek
A Very Quiet Place Collins 1967 DW priced 16/-
The Long Short Cut Collins 1968 DW priced 18/-
The Ascent of D-13 Collins 1969 DW priced 21/-
Boomerang Collins 1969 DW priced 25/-
The Late Bill Smith Collins 1971 Dust Jacket priced 1.25
The Case of Robert Quarry Collins 1972 Dust Jacket priced 1.50
The File on Lester Collins 1974 US: The Lester Affair
Home to Roost Collins 1976 Dust Jacket priced 2.95
Counterstroke Collins Crime Club 1978 Dust Jacket priced 3.75

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See the pseudonym Roger Bax

Further Information
Andrew Garve, pseudonym of Paul Winterton, also wrote as Roger Bax and Paul Somers. He was born in England on 12th February 1908 and worked as a journalist as well as writer. There are some uncollected short stories which appeared in various publications. UK editions precede, except where stated, and alternative titles are noted where applicable.

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