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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Death Beneath Jerusalem Nelson 1938 No US
Red Escapade Skeffington 1940 No US
Disposing of Henry Hutchinson 1946  
Blueprint for Murder Hutchinson 1948 US: Trouble with Murder
Came the Dawn Hutchinson 1949 US: Two If by sea
A Grave Case of Murder Hutchinson 1951  

as Paul Somers

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Beginner's Luck Collins 1958  
Operation Piracy Collins 1958  
The Shivering Mountain Collins 1959  
The Broken Jigsaw Collins 1961  

See the pseudonym Andrew Garve

Further Information
Roger Bax, pseudonym of Paul Winteton. Series character was Inspector James. The Paul Somers series character was Hugh Curtis. In all above cases the UK edition precedes.


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