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Andrew Garve

The Sea Monks

Published by Collins Crime Club in 1963
Dustwrapper artist: P. Dell'Orco

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Andrew Garve - The Sea Monks

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Sample from Andrew Garve's - The Sea Monks
AFTER THE murder in the cinema ' King' Macey and his gang found themselves surrounded by a police cordon. Hiding behind a wall in the harbour they discovered a means of escape in the form of an old cabin cruiser. Soon they were at sea, zig-zagging helplessly through the fog, ignorant of everything nautical. By the time they had holed the boat and it began to sink they were within yards of the Swirlstone Lighthouse; of a fortress where the police would not dream of searching for a murderer and where, if and when they found him, he would be secure from physical arrest. . . . This fascinating and plausible situation provides the framework for Andrew Garve's most exciting novel. The development of relationships in the lighthouse between the keepers and the hoodlums is brilliantly handled, as are the sub-plots and diversions in this wonderful story.

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