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Andrew Garve

The Riddle of Samson

Published by Collins Crime Club in 19564
Dustwrapper artist: Yawn !

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Andrew Garve - The Riddle of Samson

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Sample from Andrew Garve's - The Riddle of Samson
THE DAY I crossed to Scilly the islanders had just learned that for the first time in their history they were going to have to pay income tax. The news had come straight out of the blue and they were visibly suffering from shock. On the boat from Penzance it was the sole topic of conversation among the home-going Scillonians. They were resentful, of course, and pretty caustic about the plight that " England " must be in if she had to scrape the barrel to that extent. Some of them aired their grievances to the tourists, taking the opportunity to explain the special circumstances that justified the islands' long immunity from mainland taxes, but most of them gathered in tight groups and debated among themselves. Not all of them were well-informed about the exact nature of income tax and one anxious little man seemed to think that all his savings were going to be taken from him. I'd have offered a word of comfort but the moment didn't seem propitious—a hearty visitor who had just butted in with a crack about time being a great healer had had a distinctly cool reception. The fact was that on that April morning the friendly, easy-going Scillonians sounded capable of exposing a tax collector on Scilly Rock or even of seceding from the Commonwealth with a little more provocation.

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