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William Garner Series Character: Mick Jagger

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

William Garner Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Overkill Collins 1966 Dust jacket artwork by Tom Adams
US: NAL 1966
The Deep, Deep Freeze Collins 1968 US: Putnam 1968
The Us or Them War Collins 1969 Also a 1969 De Luxe edition by Companion Book Club
US: Putnam 1969
The Puppet Masters Collins 1970 US: Bobbs Merrill 1970 as The Manipulators
The Andra Fiasco Collins 1971 Jacket artwork (uninspiring) by Kenneth Farnhill
US: Bobbs Merrill 1971 as Strip Jack Naked
Ditto Brother Rat Collins 1972 Dust jacket by Mireille Wieland
A Big Enough Wreath Collins 1974 US: Putnam 1975
The Mobius Trip Hodder and Stoughton 1979 Dust jacket priced 4.75
US: Putnam 1978. Precedes UK
Think Big Think Dirty Heinemann 1983 US: St Martin's Press 1983
Rats' Alley Heinemann 1984 Dust jacket priced 8.95 artwork by Alun Hood
Zones of Silence Heinemann 1986 Dust jacket priced 9.95
Paper Chase Grafton Books 1988 Dust jacket priced 10.95
Sleeping Dogs Grafton Books 1990 Dustwrapper priced 12.95

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William Garner Biography - Information About the Author
William Garner was born in 1920 his main series character being Michael Jagger.
American editions are noted when applicable, as are alternative titles.
The books are available and reasonably priced. Some / most are more thriller / espionage rather than crime fiction.

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