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Victor MacClure Created Inspector Archie Burford
John D Macdonald Created Travis McGee
Philip Macdonald Series character Colonel Gethryn
Ross Macdonald Created Lew Archer
Helen MacInnes Wrote Above Suspicion
Andrew Mackenzie Created Supt. Brannigan
Donald Mackenzie Created Henry Chalice
Nigel Mackenzie Created D.I. Charles Tremayne
Ian Mackintosh Created The Sandbaggers
Charlotte Macleod aka Alisa Craig
Angus MacVicar Character Rev PJ MacFarlane
Stephen Maddock aka JM Walsh
William J Makin Murder in Covent garden
Arthur Maling SC: Brock Potter
Peter Malloch aka W Murdoch Duncan
McKnight Malmar Inspector Waters
Henning Mankell Series character Kurt Wallander
Jessica Mann Thea Crawford & Tamara Hoyland
Peter Manton aka John Creasey
Maxwell March aka Margery Allingham
Steve Markham 1950s pulp author
Virgil Markham Golden Age author
George Markstein British spy, mystery writer
Francis Marlowe Series character Doc Summers
Piers Marlowe Supt Frank Drury and Insp Bill Hazard
John P Marquand Series character Mr Moto
JJ Marric aka John Creasey
Antony Marsden Pen name of Graham Sutton
John Marsh Ray Felton and Simon Luck
Ngaio Marsh Roderick Alleyn
Lovat Marshall aka W Murdoch Duncan
Ian Kennedy Martin Sweeney TV series
J Wallis Martin Acclaimed modern writer
Wyndham Martyn Anthony trent
AEW Mason Inspector Hannaud
Robert Mason Largely forgotten author
Priscilla Masters Series character Joanna Piercy
Berkeley Mather English thriller writer
Nancy Barr Mavity Character Peter Piper
James Mayo Character Charles Hood
John Oliver Mayo  
Helen McCloy Miguel Urizar
James McClure Lt. Kramer and Sgt. Zondi
Horace McCoy Important figure in hard boiled fiction
Roman McDougald SC: Philip Cabot
Ian McFadyen Inspector Steve Carmichael
Pat McGerr Series character Salena Meade
Jill McGown aka Elizabeth Chaplin
Jack McLaren  
Mary McMullen American Edgar winner
HC McNeile aka Sapper
Mark McShane aka Marc Lovell
Dorothy Cole Meade Obscure mystery writer
LT Meade Early British mystery writer
Alice Maud Meadows Obscure early writer
James Melville Superintendent Otani
Elizabeth Messenger New Zealand born author
Nicholas Meyer Sherlock Holmes pastiches
Laurence Meynell Prolific English author
M Scott Michel Dr Alexander Cornell and Wood Jaxon
Jean Middlemiss Largely forgotten author
Margaret Millar Married to Ross Macdonald
Arthur Mills Lesser known English author
Gilroy Mitcham aka William Newton
Gladys Mitchell aka Malcolm Torrie
James Mitchell aka James Craig creator of Callan
Scott Mitchell SC: Brock Devlin
Gwen Moffat Miss Pink
Graham Montrose Angel Brown series
Spike Morelli Classic Heade covers
Lorna Nicholl Morgan Inspector Flash
Anne Morice Tessa Crichton
Nigel Morland Prolific mystery novelist
TB Morris Character Inspector Headley
Arthur Morrison Character Martin Hewitt
Susan Morrow  
Anthony Morton aka John Creasey
Peter Motte aka Richard Harrison
Patricia Moyes Henry & Emmy Tibbett
Thomas Muir Series character: Roger Crammond
Frederic Mullally Bob Sullivan - roving reporter
Paul Muller Aka Albert King
Max Murray Author of the Corpse series
Barry Musto Robert Hale author