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Griff Pulp Fiction Writer:

The following Griff bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Rackets Incorporated By Griff Modern Fiction 1949
Rub-Out Speciality Modern Fiction 1949
Dope is for Dopes. By Griff Modern Fiction 1949
Molls Mean Murder Modern Fiction 1949 Cover artwork by Reginald Heade
Come and Get Me Modern Fiction 1949
Only Mugs Die Young Modern Fiction 1949
Payment in Lead ? 1950 In BL as Franklin Griff, may be another author?
From Dance Hall to Opium Dive Modern Fiction 1950
Hi-Jack that Dame Modern Fiction 1950
Trading with Bodies Modern Fiction 1950
Stiffs Can't Squeal Modern Fiction 1950
Some Rats have Two Legs C. M. & Co 1950
Eastern Men-Chicago Women Rest: Modern Fiction 1951
Hell Bomb Floozies 1951
Hot-Shot Rita 1951
Vice Queens on Broadway 1951
She had it Coming. By Griff. 1951
Brooklyn Moll Shoots Bedmate 1951
Murder by Contract. By “Griff” 1951
She Paid 'em Off 1951
Goodbye Tomorrow. By “Griff” 1951
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1952
That Room in Camden Town. By Griff 1952
Too Tough to Live 1952
Back-Alley Blond 1952
Devil's Daughter 1952
Crooked Coffins. By “Griff” 1952
You Pay the Price 1952
The Quick and the Dead 1953
Dared by a Dame 1953
Shoot to Live. By Griff 1953
Bullets for Snoopers 1953
The City of Lost Women 1953
Demon Barber of Broadway 1953
Doped and the Damned 1953
Liquid Death. By Griff 1953
Dead Bones Tell Tales 1953
Hank tries the Sidewalk 1953
Poisonous Angel 1953
The Silver Key. By Griff 1953
Cage of Corruption 1953
Night Patrol 1953
Caribbean Cutie 1953
Curves can Cast Shadows 1953
I don't get it 1953 Re BL: By Griff or rather by Spike Gordon
Main Street Morgue. By Griff 1953
Played the Hard Way 1954
Midnight Hostess Modern Fiction 1955

Covert Artist: ?

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Griff Author Biography - Information About the Author
Griff is pseudonym of Ernest L. McKeag who was born in 1896 and died in 1974, the pseudonym became a house name, as can be guessed from the prolific output.
We've included every book we could find held in the British Library, and checked all other national libraries, so we hope this is a complete bibliography of the books written under the name Griff.
If you know of any other books then please do email us the details so we can update this list.
The books are very collectable, rare and priced accordingly when in collectable condition.

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