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The following Anna Katharine Green bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Leavenworth Case Putnam 1878 UK: 1884 Routledge
A Strange Disappearance Ditto 1880 UK: 1884 Routledge
The Sword of Damocles Ditto 1881 UK: 1884 Ward Lock
XYZ Ditto 1883 UK: 1883 Ward Lock
Hand and Ring Ditto 1883 UK: 1884 Ward Lock
The Mill Mystery Ditto 1886 UK: 1886 Routledge
7 to 12 Ditto 1887 UK: 1887 Routledge
Behind Closed Doors Ditto 1888 UK: 1888 Routledge
The Forsaken Inn Bonner 1890 UK: 1890 Routledge
A Matter of Millions Putnam 1890 UK: 1890 Routledge
The Old Stone House and Other Stories Putnam 1891 No English edition
Cynthia Wakeham's Money Ditto 1892 UK: 1904 Ward Lock
Marked Personal Ditto 1893 UK: 1904 Ward Lock
Miss Hurd An Enigma Ditto 1894 No British issue
The Doctor, His Wife, and the Clock Ditto 1895 UK: 1895 Unwin
Doctor Izard Ditto 1895 UK: 1895 Cassell
That Affair Next Door Ditto 1897 UK: 1903 Nash
Lost Man's Lane Ditto 1898 No English version
Agatha Webb Ditto 1899 UK: 1900 Ward Lock
The Circular Study McClure 1900 UK: 1902 Ward Lock
A Difficult Problem Lupton 1900 UK: 1903 Ward Lock
One of My Sons Putnam 1901 UK: 1904 Ward Lock
Three Women and a Mystery Lovell 1902 No English version
The Filigree Ball Bobbs 1903 UK: 1904 Unwin
The Millionaire Baby Ditto 1905 UK: 1905 Chatto
The Amethyst Box Ditto 1905 UK: 1905 Chatto
The House in the Mist Merrill 1905 No British issue
The Woman in the Alcove Ditto 1906 UK: 1906 Windus
The Chief Legatee ANA 1906 UK: 1909 Collier as A Woman of Mystery
The Mayor's Wife Merrill 1907 UK: 1909 Daily Mail
The House of the Whispering Pines Putnam 1910 UK: 1910 Nash
Three Thousand Dollars Badger 1910 No British issue
Initials Only Mead 1911 UK: 1912 Nash
Masterpieces of Mystery Dodd 1913 No English version
Dark Hollow Ditto 1914 UK: 1914 Nash
The Golden Slipper Putnam 1915 No English version
To the Minute and Scarlet Ditto 1916 Ditto
The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow Mead 1917 Ditto
The Step on the Stair Dodd 1923 UK: 1923 Lane

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Further Information
Anna Katharine Green, born in New York 11 November 1846 and died 1935 had two main series characters: Caleb Sweetwater and Ebenezer Gryce. She also wrote a Play and a book of poems.

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