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David Garth Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Angels are Cowards Dodd Mead 1934
Never Mind the Lady Dodd Mead 1935 Set in the jungles of South America
Four Men and a Prayer H. C. Kinsey 1937
Love Like That H.C. Kinsey 1937
Challenge for Three HC Kinsey 1938 UK: Robert Hale 1939. Another British edition:
Mellifont Press [1945]
Eastward in Eden H. C. Kinsey 1939 UK: Robert Hale 1940. Also a UK Abridged version:
Mellifont Library 1946
Road to Glenfairlie H. C. Kinsey 1940 UK: Robert Hale 1942. Also published as
Appointment with Danger Popular Library 1948
Tiger Milk H.C. Kinsey 1941 UK: Stanley Paul 1942
Thunderbird H. C. Kinsey 1942 UK: Stanley Paul 1942
Set in the Caribbean
Manila Masquerade and Other Stories H. C. Kinsey 1942
Bermuda Calling G.P. Putnam's 1944 Reissued in four book compendium
Unicorn Press, 1946 (re British library)
Gray Canaan G.P. Putnam's 1947 A story of the Confederate Secret Service
Tortured Angel G.P. Putnam's 1948
Fire on the Wind Putnam 1951 Book set Great Lakes Territory after the Civil War
Three Roads to a Star Putnam 1955 UK: Robert Hale 1956
Watch on the Bridge Putnam 1959 A World War II novel

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David Garth Author Biography - Information About the Author
David Garth was born in 1908 and is included in Hubin's crime fiction and mystery book guide.
All of the books were first published in America, we've included all the English editions held in the British Library.
There are some attractive period paperback reprints published by Popular Library, some of the cover shaving better artwork than the hardcover first editions.
Not common books in collectable condition, especially UK editions which look particularly rare.

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