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This Frederick Lawrence Green bibliography checklist is only for the mystery fiction books.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
On the Night of the Fire Michael Joseph 1939 US: 1939 Macmillan
The Sound of Winter As Above 1940  
Give us the World As Above 1941  
A Song for the Angels As Above 1943  
On the Edge of the Sea Michael Joseph 1944 Dust jacket design by A.E. Barlow
Odd Man Out As Above 1945 UK Dust jacket design by A.E. Barlow. US: 1947 Reynal
Basis for the Carol Reed film starring James Mason.
A Flask for the Journey As Above 1945 US: 1948 Reynal
A Fragment of Glass As Above 1947  
Mist on the Waters Michael Joseph 1948 US: 1949 Harcourt
Clouds in the Wind As Above 1950 US: 1951 Coward
The Magician As Above 1951 UK: Black cloth, gilt. DW 9/6
US: 1951 Coward
Ambush for the Hunter Michael Joseph 1952 US: 1953 Random House
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1902 to 1953, born in England.


DRESSED in a suit of mourning, he daily entered the crumby little restaurant punctually at ten minutes past twelve and again at twenty minutes past five, always in time to take the same place at one of her tables where he sat with an agreeable, patient air, like a man contentedly awaiting his own destiny. Outside, in the cobbled, narrow street behind the commercial heart of the city, carts rattled and the voices of passing people dropped snatches of conversation into the restaurant. The drone and mumble of traffic sounded incessantly from the great avenues and roadways that ran through the city. The weather was very warm, and the restaurant door stood wide open.

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