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Leonard Gribble Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Gillespie Suicide Mystery Ditto Mar 1929 Dustwrapper priced 7/6
The Case of the Marsden Rubies Harrap Nov 1929 Dust jacket priced 7/6
The Grand Modena Murder Ditto 1930 Dust cover priced 7/6
Is this Revenge ? Ditto Nov 1931 DJ 7/6.
US: The Serpentine Murder
The Stolen Home Secretary Ditto 1932 DW 7/6.
US: The Stolen Statesman
The Yellow Bungalow Ditto May 1933 DJ priced 7/6
The Secret of Tangles Ditto Nov 1933 DJ priced 7/6
The Riddle of the Ravens Ditto Apr 1934 DJ priced 7/6
The Signet of Death Nicholson Sept 1934 as Louis Grey
DJ priced 7/6
Later reprinted by Jenkins in 1946 and '49
but under the pseudonym of Dexter Muir
The Death Chime Ditto Nov 1934 DJ priced 7/6
Mystery at Tudor arches Harrap 1935 DJ priced 7/6
Riley of the Special Branch Ditto Apr 1936 DJ priced 7/6
The case of the Malverne Diamonds Ditto Nov 1936 DJ priced 7/6
The Case Book of Anthony Slade Quality May 1937 DJ priced 3/6
Who Killed Oliver Cromwell ? Ditto Aug 1937 DJ priced 7/6
Tragedy in E Flat Harrap 1938 DJ priced 7/6
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery Ditto 1939 DJ priced 7/6. Revised in 1950
Atomic Murder Ditto 1947 DJ priced 8/6
The Pilgrims Meet Murder Jenkins 1948 as Dexter Muir. DJ priced 8/6
The Speckled Swan Ditto 1949 as Dexter Muir. DJ priced 8/6
Hangman's Moon Allen Jan 1950 DJ priced 7/6
They Kidnapped Stanley Matthews Herbert Jenkins Sept 1950 DJ priced 8/6
The Frightened Chameleon Ditto 1950 Not in the 1950 ECB
Mystery Manor Goulden 1951  
Crime at Cape Folly Clerke & Cockeran 1951 as Sterry Browning
Green cloth, white titles. Jacket priced 9/6
The Glass Alibi Jenkins 1952  
The Velvet Mask Allen 1952  
Murder Out of Season Jenkins 1952  
She Died Laughing Ditto 1953  
Rosemary for Death Ditto 1953 as Dexter Muir
Murder Mistaken Allen 1953 with Janet Green
Sex Marks the Spot Long 1954 as Sterry Browning
The Inverted Crime Jenkins 1954  
Sally of Scotland Yard Allen 1954 with Geraldine Laws
Death Pays the Piper Jenkins 1956  
Superintendent Slade Investigates Ditto 1956  
Stand-In for Murder Herbert 1957  
Don't Argue with Death Ditto 1959  
Wantons Die Hard Ditto 1961  
Heads You Die Ditto 1964  
The Violent Dark Ditto 1965  
Strip Tease Macabre Ditto 1967  
A Diplomat Dies Ditto 1969  
Alias the Victim Robert Hale 1971 Dust jacket artwork by Kingaby-Keeman
Programmed for Death Ditto 1973  
You Can't Die Tomorrow Ditto 1975  
Midsummer Slay Ride Ditto 1976  
Crime on Her Hands Ditto 1977 Dust jacket by Colin Andrews
Death Needs No Alibi Ditto 1979  
Dead End in Mayfair Ditto 1981  
The Dead Don't Scream Robert Hale 1983  

as Leo Grex

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Tragedy at Draythorpe Hutchinson Jan 1931 DJ priced 7/6
The Nightborn Ditto Sept 1931 DJ priced 7/6
The Madison Murder Ditto Jan 1933 DJ priced 7/6
The Lonely Inn Mystery Ditto July 1933 DJ priced 7/6
Murder in the Sanctuary Hutchinson Jan 1934 DJ priced 7/6
The Man from Manhattan Ditto Sept 1934 DJ priced 7/6
Crooner's Swan Song Ditto 1935 DJ priced 7/6
Stolen Death Ditto 1936 DJ priced 7/6
Transatlantic Trouble Ditto 1937 DJ priced 7/6
The Carlent Manor Crime Ditto 1939 DJ priced 7/6
The Black-Out Murders Harrap 1940 DJ priced 7/6
The Stalag Mites Ditto 1947 DJ priced 8/6
King Spiv Ditto 1948 DJ priced 8/6
Crooked Sixpence Ditto 1949 DJ priced 8/6
Ace of Danger Ditto 1952  
Thanks for the Felony Long 1958  
Larceny in Her Heart Ditto 1959  
Terror Wears a Smile Ditto 1962  
The Brass Knuckle Ditto 1964  
Violent Keepsake Ditto 1967  
The Hard Kill Ditto 1969  
Kill Now Pay Later Ditto 1971  
Die as in Murder Hale 1974  
Death Throws No Shadow Ditto 1976  
Mix Me a Murder Ditto 1978  
Hot Ice Ditto 1983  

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Leonard R Gribble Author Biography - Further Information
Leonard R Gribble, born 1908, was, as is clearly apparent, a very prolific author. In addition to the books listed in the bibliography above, there are at least as many again of a non-criminous or non-fiction nature. He wrote under several pseudonyms and had numerous series characters. The best known of these is the one under his own name, Superintendent Anthony Slade. Only a few of the books were published in America so we have kept this list to only English 1st editions. We have though included the alternative titles for US editions as and when applicable .

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