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Tudor Gates Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Tudor Gates Series Character: Danny Scipio

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Tudor Gates Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
I Was Walking Down Below Corgi Books 1967 Transworld Publishers
Scipio Corgi Books 1967
Scipio. A Vendetta novel Frederick Muller 1968
Mister Scipio Corgi Books 1968 From the BBC TV series 'Vendetta'
Anoora Scipio Frederick Muller 1970
Who killed Jack Robin ? Hull 1973 Hull : New Theatre play
Who Saw Him Die French 1975 A play
Aurelia French 1976 A play
Black Joy Fontana 1977 based on the screenplay by
Antony Simmons and Jamal Ali
Who killed Agatha Christie ? a play French 1979
The Kidnap Game : a play / French 1991
How to get into the film and TV business Alma House 1995
Ladies Who Lunch : a play French 1999
Scenario: the craft of screenwriting Wallflower 2002
Saving Ardley: a play Alma House 2003
Kidnapping Ronnie Allison & Busby 2006 With Patrick King

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Tudor Gates Author Biography - Information About the Author
Tudor Gates was born in 1930 and died in 2007, he is best known as a screenwriter for film and TV, this bibliography deals with his published books.
Tudor Gates is listed in Hubin's crime fiction guide but only five titles, we've included every publication held in the British Library and Trinity Cambridge so this should be a complete list of Tudor Gates' books.
The books on Corgi/Transwrold are paperback originals, as are the plays, the books published by Frederick Mullers are harbacks with dust jackets.
First editions of all the books listed in this bibliography are available at reasonable prices, online at least, so a full set of books is attainable.

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