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Henry Gibbs Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
At a Farthing's Rate Jarrolds 1943 Bodleian says 1942
Not to the Swift 1944 Oxford says 1943
From all Blindness 1944
Blue Days and Fair 1945
Affectionately yours, Fanny Jarrolds 1945 Not in Hubin
Know Then Thyself 1946 Some libraries say 1947
Children's Overture 1947
Pawns in Ice Jarrolds 1948
Theatre Tapestry 1949 Not in Hubin
Twilight in South Africa 1949 Not in Hubin
Ten-Thirty Sharp Jarrolds 1949
Withered Garland 1950
Taps, Colonel Roberts 1951
Crescent in Shadow 1952
Cream and Cider Jarrolds 1952
The Six-Mile Face 1952
Crescent in Shadow 1952 Non-fiction
Disputed Barricade 1952
Italy on Borrowed Time Jarrolds 1953 Non-fiction
Background to Bitterness Muller 1954 Non-fiction
Africa on a Tightrope Jarrolds 1954 Reprinted by Travel Book Club
Cape of Shadows Jarrolds 1954
The Masks of Spain Muller 1955
The Splendour and the Dust Jarrolds 1955
The Winds of Time 1956 A novel of the foundation of Rhodesia
Thunder at Dawn 1957 Has Simon Harvester (small letters) on jacket
as well as Henry Gibbs (in large letters)
The Tumult and the Shouting 1958
The Bamboo Prison 1961
The Hills of India 1961
The Mortal Fire Jarrolds 1963 Dust jacket by by William Randell

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Henry Gibbs Author Biography - Information About the Author
Henry Gibbs (Henry St John Clair Gibbs born 1909 and died 1975) also wrote as Simon Harvester.
As well as the crime and mystery books we've also included the author's travel writing as well for the sake of a complete bibliography.
This list of books contains only the titles under the name "Henry Gibbs" and we've included every book held in all th emain national libraries of reference.
All books are published by Jarrolds unless specifically stated otherwise.
The travel books are more common than the fiction.
If you're a crime fiction book collecotr then do check the content of Henry Gibbs' novels as many are not mystery fiction desoite their inclusion in Hubin's reference guide.

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