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Erle Stanley Gardner Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
It is in order of original first publication date
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Case of the Velvet Claws Harrap 1933 DJ 7/6
The Case of the Sulky Girl Harrap 1934 Apr 34. DJ 7/6
The Case of the Lucky Legs Harrap 1934 Aug 34. DJ 7/6
The Case of the Howling Dog Cassell 1935 Jan 35. DJ 7/6
The Case of the Curious Bride Cassell 1935 Jul 35. DJ 7/6
The Case of the Rolling Bones Cassell 1935 Dust jacket artwork by James E. McConnell
The Clew of the Forgotten Murder Cassell 1935 as Carleton Kendrake. Not in ECB
The Case of the Counterfeit Eye Cassell 1935 Nov 35. DJ 7/6
The Case of the Caretaker's Cat Cassell 1936 Mar 36. DJ 7/6
This is Murder Methuen 1936 as Charles J Kenny. May 36. DJ 7/6
TCOT Sleepwalker's Niece Cassell 1936 Sept 36. DJ 7/6
TCOT Stuttering Bishop Cassell 1937 Jan 37. DJ 7/6
The DA Calls it Murder Cassell 1937 Apr 37. Jacket priced 7/6
TCOT Dangerous Dowager Cassell 1937 Jul 37. Jacket priced 7/6
TCOT Lame Canary Cassell 1937 Nov 37. DJ 7/6
Murder Up My Sleeve Cassell 1938 May 38. DJ 7/6
TCOT Substitute Face Cassell 1938 Sept 38. DJ 7/6
TCOT Shoplifter's Shoe Cassell 1939 Jan 39. DJ 7/6
The DA Holds a Candle Cassell 1939 May 39. Jacket priced 7/6
TCOT Perjured Parrot Cassell 1939 Sept 39. Jacket priced 7/6
The DA Draws a Circle Cassell 1940 Feb 40. DJ 7/6
TCOT Rolling Bones Cassell 1940 June 40. Jacket priced 8/-
TCOT Baited Hook Cassell 1940 Jacket priced 7/6. ECB only has the 4/- edition
The DA Goes to Trial Cassell 1941 Jacket priced 7/6. Not in ECB
TCOT Silent Partner Cassell 1941 Jacket priced 7/6. Not in ECB
TCOT Haunted Husband Cassell 1942 Apr 42. DJ 7/6
TCOT Turning Tide Cassell 1942 Oct 42. DJ 8/6
TCOT Empty Tin Cassell 1943 Mar 43. DJ 8/6
The DA Cooks a Goose Cassell 1943 Oct 43. DJ 7/6
TCOT Drowning Duck Cassell 1944 Jul 44. DJ 8/6
TCOT Careless Kitten Cassell 1944 DJ 8/6. Actually pub' Jan 45
Over the Hump Martin 1945 No US
TCOT Smoking Chimney Cassell 1945 Sept 45. DJ 7/6
TCOT Buried Clock Cassell 1945  
TCOT Drowsy Mosquito Cassell 1946  
The DA Calls a Turn Cassell 1947  
TCOT Crooked Candle Cassell 1947  
TCOT Black-Eyed Blonde Cassell 1948  
TCOT Gold-digger's Purse Cassell 1948 Red cloth, black spine titles. Dust Jacket 8/6
TCOT Half-Wakened Wife Cassell 1949 DJ 8/6
The DA Breaks a Seal Cassell 1950  
TCOT Backward Mule Heinemann 1955 US 1946 Morrow
TCOT Borrowed Brunette Cassell 1951  
Two Clues Cassell 1951  
TCOT Fan Dancers Horse Heinemann 1952  
TCOT Lazy Lover Heinemann 1954  
TCOT Lonely Heiress Heinemann 1952  
TCOT Vagabond Virgin Heinemann 1952  
The DA Takes a Chance Heinemann 1956  
TCOT Dubious Bridegroom Heinemann 1954  
TCOT Cautious Coquette Heinemann 1955  
The DA Breaks an Egg Heinemann 1957  
TCOT Negligent Nymph Heinemann 1956  
TCOT Musical Cow Heinemann 1957  
TCOT One-Eyed Witness Heinemann 1956  
TCOT Fiery Fingers Heinemann 1957  
TCOT Angry Mourner Heinemann 1958  
TCOT Moth-Eaten Mink Heinemann 1958  
TCOT Grinning Gorilla Heinemann 1958  
TCOT Hesitant Hostess Heinemann 1959  
TCOT Green-Eyed Sister Heinemann 1959  
TCOT Fugitive Nurse Heinemann 1959  
TCOT Runaway Corpse Heinemann 1960  
TCOT Restless Redhead Heinemann 1960  
TCOT Glamorous Ghost Heinemann 1960  
TCOT Sunbather's Diary Heinemann 1961  
TCOT Nervous Accomplice Heinemann 1961  
TCOT Terrified Typist Heinemann 1961  
TCOT Demure Defendant Heinemann 1962  
TCOT Gilded Lily Heinemann 1962  
TCOT Lucky Loser Heinemann 1962  
TCOT Screaming Woman Heinemann 1963  
TCOT Daring Decoy Heinemann 1963  
TCOT Long-legged Models Heinemann 1963  
TCOT Foot-Loose Doll Heinemann 1964  
TCOT Calendar Girl Heinemann 1964  
TCOT Deadly Toy Heinemann 1964  
TCOT Mythical Monkeys Heinemann 1965  
TCOT Singing Skirt Heinemann 1965  
TCOT Waylaid Wolf Heinemann 1965  
TCOT Duplicate Daughter Heinemann 1965  
TCOT Shapely Shadow Heinemann 1966  
TCOT Spurious Spinster Heinemann 1966  
TCOT Bigamous Spouse Heinemann 1967  
TCOT Reluctant Model Heinemann 1967  
TCOT Blonde Bonanza Heinemann 1967  
TCOT Ice-Cold Hands Heinemann 1968  
TCOT Mischievous Doll Heinemann 1968  
TCOT Stepdaughter's Secret Heinemann 1968  
TCOT Amorous Aunt Heinemann 1969  
TCOT Daring Divorcee Heinemann 1969  
TCOT Murderer's Bride Davis 1969 US only
TCOT Phantom Fortune Heinemann 1970  
TCOT Horrified Heirs Heinemann 1971  
TCOT Troubled Trustee Heinemann 1971  
TCOT Beautiful Beggar Heinemann 1972  
TCOT Worried Waitress Heinemann 1972  
TCOT Queenly Contestant Heinemann 1973  
TCOT Careless Cupid Heinemann 1972  
TCOT Fabulous Fake Heinemann 1974  
TCOT Crying Swallow Heinemann 1974  
TCOT Crimson Kiss Heinemann 1975  
TCOT Irate Witness Heinemann 1975  
TCOT Fenced-In Woman Heinemann 1976  
TCOT Postponed Murder Heinemann 1977  
The Amazing Adventures of Lester Leith Dial 1981 US only

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Further Information
Erle Stanley Gardner was born in Massachusetts on 17 July 1889 and died in 1970. To say that he was a prolific author is an understatement. As well as the books listed above he also wrote countless uncollected short stories for magazines and periodicals. He had several series characters, Perry Mason, Terry Clane, Sheriff Bill Eldon, Doug Selby and Gramps Wiggins. Perry Mason is, of course, the most famous and features in most of the novels. The bibliography has been listed in order of original US publication date. The chronology of titles ran well until the mid 1940s when many of the UK editions were published out of sequence and often some years after the US edition. In all cases the US precedes the UK and there are no alternative titles. I deserve a medal for doing this bibliography, and someone somewhere knows whose fault it is !

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