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Alec Glanville Series Characters: Inspector Dusty Miller - Tiny Meldrum

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death Goes Ashore G. Harrap & Co 1936 In Hubin
Death in Our Wake G. Harrap & Co 1937 In Hubin
The Body in the Trawl G. Harrap & Co 1938 In Hubin
Bilbao Blockade Herbert Jenkins 1938
Elements of Yacht Sailing and Cruising Herbert Jenkins 1939 Illustrated by the author
Master's Ticket Herbert Jenkins 1940 As: Brassbounder
Gunner's Island Herbert Jenkins 1949 In Hubin
The Cruising Apprentice Herbert Jenkins 1950
Out of the Shadow Herbert Jenkins 1951 In Hubin. US: Roy 1958

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Alec Glanville Author Biography - Information About the Author
Alec Glanville is a pseudonym of Alexander Haig Glanville Grieve who was born in 1902.
For the sake of completion we've included all the author's books which are held in the major institutional libraries.
These include some non-fiction and some books which are not crime/thriller books, those listed in Hubin are duly noted.
The first edition books are rare, especially in dust jacket, expect attractive dust jacket artwork if you can find them.
The only American edition known to us is included in the list above.
Note: Hubin, incorrectly, calls for "Inspector Dusty Muller".

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