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Catherine Gaskin Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Catherine Gaskin Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
This Other Eden Collins 1946
With Every Year 1947
All Else is Folly 1950
Dust in Sunlight Collins 1950
Sara Dane 1954
Blake's Reach 1958 Reprinted by Companion Book Club
Corporation Wife 1960 Dust jacket artwork by John Rose
The Tilsit Inheritance Collins 1963
The File on Delvin 1965
Edge of Glass 1967 Set in Ireland
I Know My Love 1967
Fiona Collins 1970
The Property of a Gentleman 1974
The Lynmara Legacy 1975
Daughter of the House 1977
A Falcon for a Queen Collins 1977
The Summer of the Spanish Woman 1977
Family affairs 1980
Promises 1982
The Ambassador's Women Collins 1985

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Catherine Gaskin Author Biography - Information About the Author
Catherine Gaskin was born in 1929 and is listed in Hubin.
Only six books are listed in Hubin and those are marginal crime/mystrey fiction I suspect.
For the sake of completion we've included the author's entire catalogue, as held by the British Library.
The books were reprinted many times in several formats so readers should have no difficulty buying cheap reading copies.
All hardback first edition books listed above are published by Collins.
Some of the books were published in America, there are no alternative titles and the books remain in order as listed above.
If you wish to collect the books of Catherine Gaskin then first editions is dust jacket are reasonably priced and a full set would look impressive, especially as most feature decent period artwork.

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