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This G Belton Cobb bibliography checklist includes the crime fiction titles.
Pre 1942 books, UK first editions in dust jacket, are rare and keenly sought by collectors
In fact few of Cobb's books are 'common' large allocation to public libraries have made even late titles scarce
Cheviot Burmann is an excellent series character and I suggest worthy of wider recognition
The author's books are well regarded by both readers and collectors alike

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
No Alibi Longmans Green Mar 1936 Dust jacket priced 7/6
The Poisoner's Mistake Same As previous Sept 1936 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Fatal Dose Longmans Green Mar 1937 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Quickly Dead Same As previous Oct 1937 Dustwrapper priced 7/6
Like a Guilty Thing Same As previous Feb 1938 Dust wrapper priced 7/6
The Fatal Holiday Same As previous Oct 1938 Dust cover priced 7/6
Inspector Burmann's Busiest Day Same As previous Apr 1939 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Death Defies the Doctor Longmans Green Sept 1939 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Sergeant Ross in Disguise Same As previous 1940 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Inspector Burmann's Black-Out Longmans Green 1941 Not in the English Catalogue of Books
Home Guard Mystery Same As previous 1941 Not in the ECB
Double Detection Same As previous 1945 Red cloth, gold lettering. DW 7/6
Death in the 13th Dose Longmans Green 1946 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Early Morning Poison Longmans Green 1947 DJ priced 7/6
The Secret of Superintendent Manning Longmans Green Feb 1948 DJ priced 8/6
The Framing of Carol Woan Longmans Green Jul 1948 DJ priced 8/6
No Last Words Longmans Green Apr 1949 Blue cloth, silver titles. DJ priced 8/6
Stolen Strychnine Ditto Oct 1949 DJ priced 8/6
No Charge for the Poison Methuen May 1950 DJ priced 8/6
The Lunatic, the Lover Methuen Nov 1950 DJ priced 9/6
Next Door to Death Methuen 1952 Brown boards, gilt titles
No Mercy for Margaret Methuen 1952  
Corpse Incognito Methuen 1953  
Detective in Distress Methuen 1953  
Need a Body Tell W.H. Allen 1954 Red cloth, gilt lettering
The Willing Witness Ditto 1955  
Corpse at Casablanca Ditto 1956  
Drink Alone and Die W.H. Allen 1956 Jacket priced 9s 6d
Doubly Dead As Above 1957  
Poisoner's Base As Above 1957  
The Missing Scapegoat As Above 1958  
With Intent to Kill As Above 1958  
Death with a Difference As Above 1960  
Don't Lie to the Police W.H. Allen 1960  
Corpse in the Cargo As Above 1961  
Search for Sergeant Baxter As Above 1961 Red cloth, gilt lettering, jacket 12/6
Murder: Men Only As Above 1962  
Death of a Peeping Tom W.H. Allen 1963 Red cloth, gilt lettering
No Shame for the Devil Ditto 1964  
Dead Girl's Shoes Ditto 1964  
I Never Miss Twice Ditto 1965  
Last Drop W.H. Allen 1965  
Some Must Watch As Above 1966  
A Stone for His Head As Above 1966  
Lost Without Trace As Above 1967  
Security Secrets Sold Here W.H. Allen 1967  
Secret Inquiry As Above 1968  
Silence Under Threat As Above 1968  
Food for Felony As Above 1969  
Scandal at Scotland Yard As Above 1969  
Catch Me If You Can WH Allen 1970  
The Horrible Man in Heron's Wood Ditto 1970  
I Fell Among Thieves Ditto 1971  
Suspicion in Triplicate W.H. Allen 1971 Brown cloth, gilt lettering
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Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown - note Sergeant's arm and body in rocks !

Further Information
Geoffrey Belton Cobb was born 1892 and died in 1971. His main series characters were Inspector Cheviot Burmann, Superintendent Manning and Bryan Armitage. The books remain popular with collectors still today, more so than readers possibly, early titles in original dust jackets being, of course, the most interesting.
Please Note: There are several years that saw 2 books published, when this occurs we cannot currently guarantee the which of the two was published first.

Other titles not listed: There are a couple of other books written by the author that are not included here as we stick mainly to the crime and mystery fiction titles due to the nature of the site.

Jacket Blurb from Home Guard Mystery by Belton Cobb
In this murder story the police make no appearance till the final page.
The unpopular Sergeant Cunnlngham of the Home Guard disappears while scouting in a wood. Volunteer Bairstowe, the Section's elderly, very unmilitary but somewhat philosophic buffoon, follows the lead of his curiosity and unfolds a tense drama.
Of the sixteen characters In this story, twelve are members of the Home Guard, and the descriptions of that force's activities will be found extremely realistic.
Our reader claims that this is Belton Cobb's best book.

Sample from Double Detection
"HERE we are," cried June, as our train drew in at the station.
"Yes," I said. "And that means we've got to get out; I suppose. Though what we've come for, I don't know, Why can't we stay in the train till it goes back again?"
"Oh, come along," said June. "This is a holiday. It will do you a world of good, and we are going to enjoy it."
"I'm absolutely certain," I answered, "that the place is death."
Three weeks earlier, I had had a minor operation. When the ordeal was first mooted, the tremors which accompany the idea of "being carved up" were nicely balanced by the prospect of a month's sick leave : kind friends assured me that I should be as fit as a riddle after the first fortnight and able to enjoy my holiday. To put it succinctly, they lied. It was the first fortnight that I rather enjoyed, in spite of pain with the novelty of being an interesting invalid and the pleasure of lying in bed, conscience-free : the third week I sank into the depths of post-operational gloom.
The doctor told June, my wife, to take me to the seaside. "Go with him yourself," he said, "and see that he has some bright society." He recommended this spot on the South Coast. Well, either he lied too, or else he had no acquaintance with small seaside resorts in a war-time winter.

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown - Famous Quote: "A fairly uninspiring dust jacket" !


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