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Belton Cobb

Suspicion in Triplicate

W.H. Allen 1971
Jacket artwork Ken Reilly Ltd

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Suspicion in Triplicate
'Your husband must have a complete mental rest,' the doctor told Detective-Sergeant Kitty Armitage. 'Take him into the country where there are no criminals and preferably no police. Call yourselves merely Mr. and Mrs. Armitage ... ' It sounded easy enough. It would have been—if Kitty hadn't suspected that Simon Etheridge was a criminal, if Etheridge hadn't suspected that Bryan was a policeman, and if Bryan—a Detective Chief-Inspector—hadn't had suspicions also.

After that, the difficulty was that Kitty had to pretend she had no sus-picions, so as not to endanger her husband's health; Bryan couldn't admit to his wife that he was defying the doctor's orders; and Etheridge couldn't admit anything to anybody. There was Sibyl Etheridge too, Simon's 19-year-old daughter. She knew her father was a criminal, but had no idea about his secret plans for a major crime.

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