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Belton Cobb

No Last Words

Longmans Green 1949
Jacket artwork unsigned

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The man who was found dying in the Connaught Hotel at Inchester knew the identity of his murderer. But the poison he had swallowed had deprived him of all power of speech. There were seven people whp could have given him the poison. Alec Starmer, the proprietor, might have killed him in a fit of jealousy but would he have used poison? It could have been Phyllis Gladwyn, the combined manageress and chambermaid, who had kissed the murdered man in the corridor. Or was it the man's mother who had seen the kissing and suspected something worse? Then there was Trelurtha, a rich business man with a past, and Radispon, a back-street printer, who might have printed the counterfeit notes which Superintendent Yorke said were being circulated in the hotel.

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