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Belton Cobb

Quickly Dead

Longmans 1937
Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Edward Barber's car was found abandoned by the roadside and twenty-four hours later his strangled body was found in a ditch a mile away. Detective Inspector Cheviot Burmann rightly said that the mystery would not be solved until he could discover why the two—the body and the car—were not in the same place why Barber had left the car and walked up a narrow lane. Cheviot sus-pected a connection between Barber and a Mrs Banks who had a cottage in the lane, but Mrs Banks denied that they had been anything more than acquaintances. Cheviot assumed from the first that she was lying, and thus got four suspects : Mrs Banks herself, her brother, her husband, and Edward Barber's wife. Two of these undoubtedly had the op-portunity but no known motive : the other two had strong motives —but perfect alibis." And which," said Cheviot to Superintendent Cox. " would you choose "

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