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Belton Cobb

Search for Sergeant Baxter

W.H. Allen 1961
Jacket artwork, sadly, unsigned

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Search for Sergeant Baxter BELTON COBB
DETECTIVE-SERGEANT BAXTER, IN PLAIN clothes, was with Woman Police-Con-stable Kitty Palgrave in the Hot Spot Café, watching for Buck Cherwell. He left, telling Kitty to meet him ten minutes later. During those ten min-utes he disappeared. There was no clue to what had hap-pened to him. There had been some criticism of him at the police-station—so he might have deserted. His wife was jealous—so he might have run off with a girl. There was even specula-tion that either his wife or Buck Cherwell might have murdered him!

Although Cheviot Burmann was handi-capped by a broken ankle, the search was conducted vigorously through the back streets of London and down into the fields of Kent. Inspector Blarney conducted routine enquiries ; Kitty Palgrave had brainwaves—usually contrary to orders ; and Constable Bryan Armitage worked mostly with Kitty, in and out of scrapes. These aroused Cheviot Burmann's wrath—but they helped eventually to solve a baffling case. This novel combines humour and all the elements of an exciting thriller with the astute detection for which Belton Cobb is well-known.

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