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E.M. Channon Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Authoress Hutchinson 1909
A Street Angel Hutchinson 1910
The Real Mrs. Holyer Hutchinson 1911
Stoneladies Hutchinson 1912
The Keeper of the Secret Mills & Boon 1912
Miss King's Profession Mills & Boon 1913
Cato's Daughter Mills & Boon 1913
The Strength of Weakness Mills & Boon 1915
The Grand Miss Gabrielle RTS 1917 Illustrated by Gordon Browne
The Boy Next Door RTS 1920
Two from Miss Tiddeman's W. & R. Chambers 1921
What's in a Name ? RTS 1922 Religious Tract Society
The Cotton-Wool Girl Sheldon Press 1924 SPCK
The Seven Basils Chambers 1924
That Awful Term RTS 1924
The Perfect Miss Coverdale Nisbet 1925
The Surprising Holidays Sheldon 1926 CHANNON, Ethel Mary
The Honour of a Guide Nisbet 1926
The Handsome Hardcastles Nisbet 1927
The Griffin Heinemann 1928 illustrated by K. Jukes
Expelled from St. Madern's Nisbet 1928
Her Second Chance Nisbet 1929
The Chimney Murder Ernest Benn 1929
Twice Dead Ernest Benn 1930
A Countess at School SPCK 1931
The House with No Address Ernest Benn 1931
The Honour of the House Nisbet 1931
Golden Glory Ernest Benn 1931
The Gilt-Edged Mystery Ernest Benn 1932
Tom-with-a Temper SPCK 1933
Rose Leaves School Ernest Benn 1933
Very Clever James Burns, Oates & Co 1935
A Fifth-Form Martyr Sheldon 1935
Little G Hodder & Stoughton 1936
The Cinderella Girl Nelson 1937 illustrated by R.F.C. Waudby
The Son of his Parents Hodder & Stoughton 1937

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E.M. Channon Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ethel Mary Channon, Mrs Franccis Channon, was born in 1875 and is a Hubin listed author.
This bibliography goes way beyond the crime and mystery books listed i Hubin, only five books.
We've included all the books held in the British institutional libraries so this should be a complete list of books in order by E.M. Channon.

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