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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Darkened Room John Long 1968  
A Mind to Murder Chatto Windus 1971  
The End of a Shadow Chatto 1972  
Plot Counter Plot Collins 1974 US: 1975 Walker
My Search for Ruth Collins Crime Club 1975  
Legacy of Evil Collins 1976  
The Deathless and the Dead Collins 1976 US: 1977 McKay as This Downhill Path
The Lady in Black Collins 1977 US: 1978 McKKay
Letter From the Dead Collins Crime Club 1977 US: 1981 Doubleday
One of Us Must Die Collins 1977 US: 1980 Doubleday
The Poisoned Web Collins 1979 US: 1982 St Martin's
Poison Parsley Collins 1979  
Last Voyage Collins 1980 US: 1982 St Martin's
Game Set and Danger Doubleday 1981 UK: 1983 Robert Hale
Desire to Kill Doubleday 1982 UK: 1983 Robert Hale
We the Bereaved Doubleday 1982 UK: 1984 Robert Hale
Soon She Must Die Doubleday 1983  
Last Judgement Doubleday 1985  
Cabin 3033 Doubleday 1986  
Mystery Lady Doubleday 1986  
Last Seen in London Doubleday 1987  
Murder in Writing Doubleday 1988  
The Whitelands Affair Doubleday 1989  
The Case of the Paranoid Patient Doubleday 1991  
The Case of the Ludicrous Letters Berkley 1994 Paperback original
The Case of the Anxious Aunt Berkley 1996 Paperback first edition

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Anna Clarke Biography - Further Information
Anna Clarke, born in South Africa 28 April 1919, was educated in Cape Town, Canada and London before working in the book industry in London, England. As can be seen the writing history is somewhat erratic in terms of issue status, priority swaps between England and America as does sole publication in the given country. Her work is of a high quality whose work is always well plotted and with rich prose. This gives her some latitude when working with some, almost unavoidable, cliched situations and allows her not only to get away with it but to thoroughly make the best of it. There were, in addition to the books listed above, three short stories, all of which were in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine between 1983 and 1984. A self effacing person who claimed to have only begun writing mystery books because nobody would take her 'straight work'. She further claims never to have taken her writing seriously except as a source of income. Whatever her opinion, most familiar with her work hold it in high regard

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