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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Darkest Room Magnum Gothics 1969 A woman trapped in a house ruled by the dead
A Place on a Dark Island Lancer 1971 Also as Dark Island Belmont 1973
A woman finds love in a place her death is planned
Evil in the Family Lancer 1972 A love child means evil and death
House of Counted Hatreds Pinnacle Books 1973 Did she fall or was she pushed?
A Mansion of Deadly Dreams Popular Library 1973 Death looks to be the only escape from the house
Dark Threshold Popular Library 1977 A possessed woman in amarriage made in hell
The Attic Child Pinnacle Books 1979 A child invented by children haunts a tutor
The House of Counted Hatreds Pinnacle 1980 A House full of deadly conspirators

Cover Artist: Unknown

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Grace Corren Author Biography - Information About the Author
Grace Corren is a pseudonym of Robert Hoskins who was born in 1933, he also wrote as Susan Jennifer and Michael Kerr. The author is listed in Hubin's crime fiction guide but the books are nearer the Gothic genre than Crime Fiction
Magnum Books is an imprint of Lancer Books.
These books are all "paperback originals", that is to say softcover first edition books.
The books shouldn't be too expensive, although they're not as common as one would imagine. Readers and book collectors in Britain and oustide the USA will almost certainly have to buy the books online from American booksellers
The US Libray of Congress only list two books by Grace Corren and the Britihs Library holds none.

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