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Robert Charles Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Robert Charles Series Characters: Simon Larren - Supt Mark Nicolson

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Robert Charles Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Faceless Fugitive Robert Hale 1963
Nothing to Lose Rest the Same 1963
One Must Survive 1964
Dark Vendetta 1964
Mission of Murder 1965 Dust jacket priced 12/6 net
This Side of Hell Robert Hale 1965
Arctic Assignment 1966
The Fourth Shadow 1966
Assassins from Peace 1967
Stamboul Intrigue 1968
Three Days to Live Robert Hale 1968
The Big Fish 1969 Dust jacket by Barbara Walton
Strikefast 1969
Sea Vengeance 1974
The Sun Virgin 1974
The Hour of the Wolf Robert Hale 1974
The Flight of the Raven 1975
Dead Before Midnight 1975
A Clash of Hawks 1976
The Scream of a Dove 1976
The Snarl of the Lynx Robert Hale 1977 Dust jacket artwork by Barbara Walton
The Venom of The Cobra 1977 US title: Cobra Strike
The Prey of the Falcon 1977 A counter-terror dossier. DJ artwork Eileen Walton
The Arms of the Mantis 1978 Jacket illustration by Lawrence Cutting
The Burning 1979 Dust cover design Graham Tucker
A Lance for the Devil Robert Hale 1980 Dustwrapper design Colin Andrews

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Robert Charles Author Biography - Information About the Author
Robert Charles is a speudonym of Robert Charles Smith, born 1938, who also wrote as Charles Leader.
It's a familiar story with this publisher, that of short print runs and heavy library allocation, it means when you do see the books in dust jackets they're mostly ex-library. Collectable copies are not common though not overly expensive.

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