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Christopher Coram Series Character: Ross MacAllister

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Call to Danger Robert Hale 1968 ISBN: 0709104790. 190 pages. 19 cm
A Call to Die Robert Hale 1969 ISBN: 0709109725
Death in Ptarmigan Forest Robert Hale 1970 ISBN: 0709117078
Death on the Motorway Robert Hale 1973 ISBN: 0709135629
Murder by the Lake Robert Hale 1975 ISBN: 0709150962
Murder Beneath the Trees Robert Hale 1979 ISBN: 0709171420
Prisoner on the Dam Robert Hale 1982 ISBN: 0709197977
Prisoner on the Run Robert Hale 1985 ISBN: 0709019289
Flawed Truth Lulu 2019 A print-on-demand book

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Christopher Coram Author Biography - Information About the Author
Christopher Coram is a pseudonym used by Peter N. Walker, born 1936 and died 2017, both are listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide, his main series character is Ross MacAllister.
These books are actually much rarer than one might imagine, I can only recall us ever handling one book in collectable condition with a dust jacket (it was signed by the author as well, an association copy so presumably one of Coram's own publisher allocation)
A familiar story with this publisher, almost all of the already modest print run went to public library allocation, indeed print runs were largely determined by pre-orders from the British library service leaving only a few copies to slip through the net.
Prices should reflect rarity but need not cost a fortune. None of the books by Christopher Coram were published in America accoriding to the US Library of Congress.
The books were reprinted in the 1980s and 1990s in Large Print format, primarily for the public library service

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