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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder is for Keeps Robert Hale 1961  
Wreath for a Redhead As Above 1962 Yellow cloth, black letters. DJ 10/6
The Big Goodbye As Above 1962  
Dames Can Be Deadly As Above 1963  
Down Beat Kill As Above 1963  
Lady this is Murder Robert Hale 1963  
Nobody Lives Forever As Above 1964  
This'll Kill You As Above 1964  
Always Take the Big One Robert Hale 1965  
You're Better Off Dead As Above 1965  
Don't Bother to Knock As Above 1966  
No Gold When You Go As Above 1966  
The Bad Die Young As Above 1967  
The Blonde Wore Black Robert Hale 1968  
No Peace for the Wicked As Above 1968  
Speak Ill of the Dead As Above 1968  
They Call it Murder As Above 1973  
Somebody Has to Lose As Above 1975  
The day of the Big Dollar As Above 1979  
The deader They Fall As Above 1979  
Lady You're Killing Me As Above 1979  
The Beautiful Golden Frame As Above 1980  
The Deep Blue Cradle As Above 1980  
Nothing Personal Robert Hale 1980  

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Further Information
Peter Chambers, pseudonym for Dennis Phillips, also wrote as W Howard Baker and was born 1924. His main series character was Mark Preston.


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