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Peter Cheyney Bibliography

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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
This Man is Dangerous Collins 1936  
You Can't Hit a Woman Collins 1937  
Poison Ivy Collins 1937  
Dames Don't Care Collins 1937  
Can Ladies Kill ? Collins 1938  
The Urgent Hangman Collins 1938  
Don't Get Me Wrong Collins 1939 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Knave Takes Queen Collins 1939  
Dangerous Curves Collins 1939  
Another Little Drink Collins 1940  
You'd Be Surprised Collins 1940  
You Can't Keep the Change Collins 1940  
Your Deal My Lovely Collins 1941 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Mister Caution Mr Callaghan Collins 1941  
It Couldn't Matter Less Collins 1941  
Never a Dull Moment Collins 1942 Dustwrapper priced 7/6
Dark Duet Collins 1942  
Sorry You've Been Troubled Collins 1942  
The Unscrupulous Mr Callaghan Handi Books 1943 US only
You Can Always Duck Collins 1943  
The Stars are Dark Collins 1943  
Adventures of Alonzo MacTavish Todd 1943  
Alonzo MacTavish Again Todd 1943  
Love With a Gun Todd 1943  
The Murder of Alonzo Todd 1943  
They Never Say When Collins 1944  
The Dark Street Collins 1944  
Account Rendered Vallancey 1944  
Dance Without Music Vallancey 1945 Jacket priced ?
Sinister Errand Collins 1945  
I'll Say She Does Collins 1945 Wrapper priced at 8/6
The Adventures of Julia Poynings 1945  
Escape for Sandra Poynings 1945  
Night Club Poynings 1945 Reprinted Todd 1952 as Dressed to Kill
Tough Spot for Cupid Vallancey 1945  
You Can't Trust Duchesses Vallancey 1945  
G Man at the Yard Poynings 1946  
Dark Hero Collins 1946  
Date After Dark Todd 1946  
He Walked in His Sleep Todd 1946  
The Man With Two Wives Todd 1946  
A Spot for Murder Todd 1946  
Time for Caution Foster 1946  
Vengeance with a Twist Vallancey 1946  
Uneasy Terms Collins 1946 Yellow cloth, green titles. Jacket 8/6
The Curiosity of Etienne MacGregor Locke 1947  
Dark Interlude Collins 1947  
Dance Without Music Collins 1947 Wrapper priced at 8/6
Lady in Green Bantam 1947  
A Matter of Luck Bantam 1947  
Cocktail for Cupid Bantam 1948  
Cocktail Party Bantam 1948  
Fast Work Bantam 1948  
Information Received Bantam 1948  
The Unhappy Lady Bantam 1948  
No Ordinary Cheyney Faber 1948 Jacket priced at 9/6
Try Anything Twice Collins 1948  
Dark Wanton Collins 1948  
The Lady in Tears Bantam 1949  
You Can Call it a Day Collins 1949 A Johnny Vallon book
One of Those Things Collins 1949 The first Terence O'Day mystery
Also published as: Mistress Murder, Avon 1951
Lady Behave Collins 1950  
Dark Bahama Collins 1950  
Ladies Won't Wait Collins 1951  
Velvet Johnnie Collins 1952 Dust jacket priced at 9/6
Calling Mr Callaghan Todd 1953  
The Best Stories of Peter Cheyney Faber 1954  
The Mystery Blues Todd 1954  

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Peter Cheyney Author Biography - Further Information
Peter Cheyney was born Reginald Southouse Cheyney in 1896 and passed away in 1951. He was a very prolific author and one of the periods best-selling authors. His style was based on the American style hard boiled school, though usually slightly tamer, toned down version. Numerous titles were not published in the US, mostly the short story collections. UK editions generally precede the US. There are some alternative titles for books reissued at a later date.

His two main series characters were Lemmy Caution and Slim Callaghan, with Caution being the most popular. Outside of collectors, Cheyney is largely forgotten now, which given he was once one of the country's most popular and successful authors is quite remarkable.

His success enabled him to amass a fortune and made him one of England's richest authors at the time. As usual, the earlier titles are the rarest and most desirable. Pre 1940 titles in original first issue dust jackets are generally regarded as rare books. The later titles, whilst not common in nice collectable condition, are not overly difficult to locate and do not command particularly high prices.

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