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This John Newton Chance bibliography or checklist features only the crime and mystery fiction.
The author also wrote Children's books and Science Fiction
At the present moment we cannot guarantee chronology when more than one book was published in the same year.

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Wheels in the Forest Gollancz 1935 Black cloth, red/orange lettering
Murder in Oils Gollancz 1935 Black cloth, red/orange lettering
The Devil Drives Gollancz 1936  
Maiden Possessed Gollancz 1937  
Rhapsody in Fear Gollancz 1937  
Death of an Innocent Gollancz 1938  
The Devil in Greenlands Gollancz 1939  
The Ghost of Truth Gollancz 1939 Dust jacket priced 7/6
The Screaming Fog Macdonald 1944 US: 1946 McBride
as Death Stalks the Cobbled Square
The Red Knight Macdonald 1945 American Edition: 1945 Macmillan
The Eye in Attendance Macdonald 1946  
The Knight and the Castle Macdonald 1946  
The Black Highway Macdonald 1947  
Coven Gibbet Macdonald 1948  
The Brandy Pole Macdonald 1949  
The Night of the Full Moon Macdonald 1950  
Aunt Miranda's Murder Macdonald 1951 US: 1951 Dodd Mead
The Man in My Shoes Macdonald 1952  
The Twopenny Box Macdonald 1952  
The Jason Affair Macdonald 1953 US: 1955 Popular Library
as Up to Her Neck
The Randy Inheritance Robert Hale 1953  
Jason and the Sleep Game Macdonald 1954  
The Jason Murders Macdonald 1954  
Jason Goes West Macdonald 1955  
A Shadow Called Janet Macdonald 1956  
The Last Seven Hours Robert Hale 1956  
Dead Man's Knock Robert Hale 1957  
The Little Crime Robert Hale 1957  
Affair with a Rich Girl Robert Hale 1958 Black cloth, green and silver titles
Dust jacket priced 10/6
Man with Three Witches Robert Hale 1958  
The Fatal Fascination Robert Hale 1959  
The Man with No Face Robert Hale 1959 Black boards, green and silver titles
Lady in a Frame Robert Hale 1960 Black boards, green lettering
Alarm at Black Brake Robert Hale 1960 Black cloth, silver green titles
Jacket priced 10/6
The Crimes at Rillington Place Hodder & Stoughton 1961 Novel based on the true story
Import of Evil Robert Hale 1961  
The Night of the Settlement Robert Hale 1961  
Triangle of Fear Robert Hale 1962  
The Forest Affair Robert Hale 1963 Green cloth black spine lettering
Dustwrapper priced 10/6
The Man Behind Me Robert Hale 1963  
Commission for Disaster Robert Hale 1964  
Death Under Desolate As Above 1964  
Stormlight Robert Hale 1965  
The Affair at Dead End Robert Hale 1966  
The Double Death As Above 1966  
The Case of the Death Computer Robert Hale 1967  
The Case of the Fear Makers Robert Hale 1967  
The Death Woman As Above 1967  
The Hurricane Drift As Above 1967  
The Mask of Pursuit Robert Hale 1967  
The Thug Executive Robert Hale 1967  
Dead Man's Shoes Robert Hale 1968  
Death of a Wild Bird Robert Hale 1968  
Fate of the Lying Jade As Above 1968  
The Halloween Murders As Above 1968  
Mantrap Robert Hale 1968 Black cover, silver titles
The Rogue Aunt Robert Hale 1968  
The Killing Experiment Robert Hale 1969  
The Abel Coincidence Robert Hale 1969  
The Ice Maidens As Above 1969  
Involvement in Austria As Above 1969  
Toe Killer Reaction Robert Hale 1969  
The Mirror Train Robert Hale 1970  
The Mists of Treason Robert Hale 1970  
A Ring of Liars Robert Hale 1970 Jacket by Colin Andrews
The Three Masks of Death Robert Hale 1970  
A Wreath of Bones Robert Hale 1971  
The Cat Watchers Robert Hale 1971  
The Faces of a Bad Girl As Above 1971  
A Bad Dream of Death Robert Hale 1972  
The Dead Tale-Tellers Robert Hale 1972  
Last Train to Limbo Robert Hale 1972  
The Man with Two Heads Robert Hale 1972  
The Farm Villains As Above 1973  
The Grab Operators As Above 1973  
The Love Hate Relationship Robert Hale 1973  
The Canterbury Kilgrims Robert Hale 1974  
The Starfish Affair Robert Hale 1974  
The Girl in the Crime Belt As Above 1974  
The Shadow of the Killer Robert Hale 1974  
The Devil's Edge As Above 1975 Black cloth with titles in silver on spine
Hill Fog Robert Hale 1975  
The Monstrous Regiment Robert Hale 1975  
A Fall Out of Thieves As Above 1976  
The Murder Makers Robert Hale 1976  
Return to Death Valley Robert Hale 1976  
The Frightened Fisherman As Above 1977  
The House of the Dead Ones As Above 1977  
Motive for a Kill Robert Hale 1977  
The Ducrow Folly Robert Hale 1978  
End of an Iron Man As Above 1978  
A Drop of Hot Gold As Above 1979  
The Guilty Witness As Above 1979  
Thieves' Kitchen Robert Hale 1979  
The Death Watch Ladies Robert Hale 1980 Black cloth with titles in silver on spine
The Mayhem Madchen Robert Hale 1980  
Terror Train As Above 1983  
The Bad Circle As Above 1985 Jacket by Colin Andrews
The Smiling Cadaver Ditto 1987  
A Confusion of Eyes Ditto 1989  

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John Newton Chance Further Information ~ Author Biography
The author was born 1911 and wrote a huge amount of material - quite staggering really. Collectors will be aware that many of the books are actually quite scarce, due to small print runs. When they do turn up in they are very often ex public library copies unfortunately. Experience suggests that in some cases almost entire print runs were allocated to library circulation. If you are seeking to collect books by this author it may well be considering ex library copies in jacket, presuming they are in reasonable condition of course.


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