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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Rogue's Gambit Davies 1955  
Alien Virus Davies 1957 US: 1974 Pinnacle as Cairo Cabal
The Mindanao Pearl Davies 1959 US: 1973 Pinnacle
The Plotters Davies 1960 US: 1960 Harper
Marseilles Pocket 1964  
A Journey to Orassia Doubleday 1965 UK: 1966 WH Allen
Who'll Buy My Evil ? Pocket 1966  
Assault on Kolchak Avon 1969  
Assault on Loveless Avon 1969  
Assault on Ming Avon 1970  
The Dead Sea Submariner Pinnacle 1971 UK: 1973 NEL
Terror in Rio Pinnacle 1971 UK 1973 NEL
Congo War Cry Pinnacle 1971  
Afghan Assault Pinnacle 1971  
Assault on Fellawi Avon 1972  
Assault on Agathon Avon 1972  
Swamp War Pinnacle 1973  
Death Charge Pinnacle 1973  
The Garonsky Missile Pinnacle 1973  
Assault on Aimata Avon 1975  
Diamonds Wild Avon 1979  

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Further Information
Alan Caillou, pseudonym for Alan Lyle Smythe, was born in England 9 November 1914. He served in the British Army from 1939 to 1941 with great distinction. He was captured and escaped twice and awarded the MBE and Military Cross. he later became a district officer, hunter and trapper in such countries as Ethiopia, Africa and Canada, eventually becoming an actor and writer. His series characters are Mike Benasque, Cabot Cain and Colonel Tobin. A great deal of his work was originally published in paperback format and is relatively easy, and cost effective, to collect. A truly amazing man and a remarkable life, worthy of a book in itself.


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