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The following bibliography-checklist contains the mystery titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Merrivale Mystery Herbert Jenkins 1929 US: 1931 Mystery League. UK DJ 7/6
The Winterton Hotel Mystery Rest Same 1930 Dust jacket priced at 7/6
Murder at Red Grange   1931 Dustwrapper priced at 3/6
The White Angel   1931 DJ priced at 7/6
Her Private Murder Herbert Jenkins 1932 Dust jacket priced at 7/6
Vampire of the Skies   1932 DJ priced at 7/6
Death Comes to Fanshawe   1933 DJ priced at 7/6
Murder at Pringlehurst   1933 DJ priced at 7/6
The Man Who Saw the Devil   1934 DJ priced at 7/6
Red Dagger   1934 DJ priced at 7/6
The Man They Could Not Kill Herbert Jenkins 1935 DJ priced at 3/6? ECB says "cheap edition" but no 7/6 listed
The Monster of Dagenham Hall   1935 Dust jacket priced at 7/6
Red Farm Mystery   1935 DJ priced at 3/6? once again the ECB has no 7/6
The Devil Man from Mars   1935 DJ priced at 7/6, probably not criminous
The Death Pool   1936 Dustwrapper 7/6
No Other Killer   1936 DJ 7/6
Murder at the Palace Herbert Jenkins 1937 DJ 7/6
Murder While You Wait   1937 DJ 7/6
Rendezvous with Death   1937 DJ 7/6
The Body in the Bungalow   1938 DJ 7/6
The Moon Killer   1938 DJ 7/6
The Man with Nine Lives   1938 DJ 7/6
The Ghost Plane   1939 DJ 7/6
Who Was the Killer ?   1939 DJ 7/6
Her Second Murder Herbert Jenkins 1940 Dust jacket 7/6
Murder at Night   1940 Not listed in the ECB
The Lion's Mouth   1941 Not in English Catalogue of Books
When Death Walks   1941 DJ 7/6
The Air Killer   1941 DJ 7/6.Dated 1941 but actually published Jan 1942
Wednesday at Noon   1942 Not in the ECB
Murder Minus Motive   1943 DJ 7/6
The Hound of Death   1944 DJ 8/6
Agent No 5 Herbert Jenkins 1945 DJ 8/6
Death By Appointment Ditto Rest 1945 DJ 8/6
Death is My Shadow   1947  
Gallows Wait   1947  
The Carteret Hotel Mystery   1948  
Rendezvous with Danger   1948  
The Somerville Case   1949  
At Dawn I Die   1949  
Dancing with Death   1950  
Death Makes a Date   1950  
Murder Begets Murder Herbert Jenkins 1951  

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James Corbett Author Biography - Further Information
James Corbett has come in for some flack in regard to his prose style, indeed some have gone as far as to compile lists of his best 'gaffes'. Whilst this is inescapable, here at CCF we still stick by the man. The superb jacket artwork, as usual with Herbert Jenkins, gives him a free pass in our eyes. To enter into the spirit though we leave the last word to the great man himself:
"Your steps are feline and catlike"

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