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Theresa Charles Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Distant Drum Longmans Green 1940
My Enemy and I Longmans Green 1941
To Save My Life Longmans & Co 1946
Happy Now I Go Longmans & Co 1947 US title: Dark Legacy
Man-Made Miracle Longmans & Co 1949
At a Touch I Yield Cassell 1952
Fairer than She Cassell 1953
My Only Love Cassell 1954
The Kinder Love Cassell 1955
The Burning Beacon Cassell 1956
The Ultimate Surrender Robert Hale 1958
A Girl Called Evelyn Rest Hale 1959
No Through Road 1960
Ring for Nurse Raine 1962
House on the Rocks 1962
Patient in Love Robert Hale 1963 US title: Return to Terror
Widower's Wife 1963
Nurse Alice in Love 1964 US title: Lady in the Mist
The Man for Me 1965 US title: Th eShrouded Tower
How Much You Mean to Me 1966
The Shadowy Third 1967
Proud Citadel Robert Hale 1967
The Way Men Love 1967
From Fairest Flowers 1969
Second Honeymoon 1970
Wayward as the Swallow 1970
My True Love 1971
Therefore Must Be Loved 1972
Castle Kelpiesloch 1973
Nurse by Accident 1974
The Flower and the Nettle Robert Hale 1975
Trust Me, My Love 1975
One Who Remembers 1976
Crisis at St. Chad's 1977
Rainbow After Rain 1977
Just for One Weekend Robert Hale 1978
Surgeon's Reputation 1979
Surgeon's Sweetheart 1981
With Somebody Else 1981
No Easier Road to Love Robert Hale 1983
Always in My Heart Severn House 1985

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Theresa Charles Author Biography - Information About the Author
Theresa Charles is a joint pseudonym of Charles Swatridge and Irene Maude Mossop Swatridge, listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide though more gothic and dark romance we suspect.
Collectable first edition books in dust jacket are actually rare books, a familiar story I'm afraid, the curse of ex-library copies.
Almost all the books went into the public library service, indeed in many cases the publisher produced only enough copies to satisfy pre-orders from the library service, bar review copies and a handful of others.
The list of books in Hubin is only a partial bibliography, we've included every book held in the British Library and the Bodleian at Oxford so this should be a complete list of books written by Theresa Charles - note, American editions sometimes had alternative titles, we've noted these when known for sure.

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