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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Deep Secret Rich and Cowan 1939
The Seven Sisters Crowther 1945
One Jump Ahead Werner Laurie 1951 Dust jacket artwork by Craig
Crime on My Hands Werner Laurie 1952
Winter Wears a Shroud Werner Laurie 1952
Murder for the Million Werner Laurie 1953
Behind the Headline Werner Laurie 1955
The Frozen Stiff Werner Laurie 1956 Dust jacket artwork by M. Johns
The Downward Path Robert Hale 1959
Wish You Were Dead Robert Hale 1960
Be My Ghost Robert Hale 1963
The Hot Half Million Robert Hale 1963

Dust Jacket Artist: M Johns

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Robert Chapman Biography - Information About the Author
Robert Chapman was a pseudonym of Alec Mark a London based journalist born 1916.
The times when two books were published in the same year means we're unsure of chronology.
Nice copies of the Robert Hale titles for book collectors are scarce, most books went to public libraries.
The Werner Laurie titles enjoy some great dust jacket artwork.
I've never seen a copy of the author's first book in dustwrapper


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