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John Paddy Carstairs Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

John Paddy Carstairs Series Character: Garaway Trenton

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

John Paddy Carstairs Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Movie Merry-Go-Round Newnes 1937 On the film industry. With plates
Vinegar and Brown Paper. A novel. Hurst & Blackett 1939
Nicer to Stay in Bed Hurst & Blackett 1940
Curried Pineapple Hurst & Blackett 1940
Bunch A biography of Nelson Keys Rest Hurst 1941
Whatho she bumps ! 1941
Honest Injun ! 1942
But Wishes Aren't Horses Hurst & Blackett 1942
Rain on Her Face 1943
Down the Wide Stream 1943
Gremlins in the Cabbage Patch Hurst & Blackett 1944 Dust jacket priced 7/6
No Music in the Nightingale 1944
Kaleidoscope and a Jaundiced Eye 1945
Lillipop Wood. A story for children Hurst & Blackett 1945 Illustrated by Hilda Boswell
Hadn't We the Gaiety ? 1945
Magical was the Moment 1945
Kimmie by John Paddy Carstairs 1946 Dustwrapper art by Frederick T.W. Cook
Nothing Happens Mondays 1947
Love and Ella Rafferty Hurst & Blackett 1947 Dust jacket artwork by Mays
My Fancy has Wings 1948
Solid! Said the Earl 1948
Fingle-Fangle 1949
Tinsel and Stars Hurst & Blackett 1950
Call No Man Faithful Hutchinson 1951
Exultation of Skylarks Hutchinson 1952 Jacket design by Ley Kenyon
Hope Comes on the South Wind Hutchinson 1953
Paintings and watercolours Leger Galleries 1955
Sunshine and Champagne Hutchinson 1955
Gardenias Bruise Easily W.H. Allen 1958
Watercolour is Fun Artist Publishing 1958 New York
No Wooden Overcoat W.H. Allen 1959
Touch a French Pompom W.H. Allen 1960
Pardon My Gun W.H. Allen 1962
The Concrete Kimono W.H. Allen 1965
A Smell of Peardrops 1966 A Garway Trenton thriller
No Thanks for the Shroud W.H. Allen 1967 A Garway Trenton mystery

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John Paddy Carstairs Author Biography - Information About the Author
John Paddy Carstairs was born in 1910 and died in 1970.
A director of many films and TV shows he is also an author listed by Allen J Hubin in his crime fiction "bible".
There are only seven books listed by Hubin but we've expanded this John Paddy Carstairs list of books to include every book listed in the British Library, this should be a complete bibliography.
First edition book collectors need not worry about undated books published by Hurst & Blackett.

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