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John Chancellor Series Character: Captain Frass

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mystery of Norman's Court Hutchinson 1923 US Small 1924
The Ladder of Cards Hutchinson 1926
How to be Happy in Paris
Without Being Ruined!
Arrowsmith 1926 Not crime fiction
The Dark God Hutchinson 1927 US: Century 1928
Frass Hutchinson 1929
The Return of Frass Hutchinson 1930
Mystery at Angel's End John Long 1930
Stolen Gold Hutchinson 1932
Double Death. A Murder Story Victor Gollancz 1939 Anthology. Preface and prologue by John Chancellor
The Murder Syndicate Eldon 1949
The Prim Windows Jonathan Cape 1967 Not crime fiction
The Farther Off from England Cassell 1969 Not crime fiction
The Jersey Plunder Cassell 1970
The Train with Misted Windows Macmillan 1971 Not in Hubin. Reprinted by Mayflower 1973 as
Mario's War

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John Chancellor Biography - Information About the Author
John Chancellor is a pseudonym of Charles de Balzac Rideaux born 1900 and died 1971.
Books published in America are noted when applicable.
The 1920s books in dust jacket are rare, later titles relatively common and modestly priced.

Double Death is an important book in the genre:
THE DETECTION CLUB; featuring: Dorothy L. Sayers, Freeman Wills Crofts, Valentine Williams, David Hume et al; supervised and with a preface by John Chancellor


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