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The following Liza Cody bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Dupe Collins 1980 AL
Bad Company Collins 1982 AL
Stalker Collins 1984 AL
Headcase Collins 1985 AL
Under Contract Collins 1986 AL
Rift Collins 1988  
Backhand Chatto 1991 AL
Bucket Nut Chatto 1992  
Monkey Wrench Chatto 1994  
Musclebound Bloomsbury 1997  
Gimme More Bloomsbury 2000 Wraps

Further Information
Liza Cody was born in London on 11th April 1944. She went to art school and pursued a number of artistic jobs before turning to writing. Her main series character is Anna Lee, noted above by AL. After Backhand Cody introduced a new character, Eva Wylie, though as many authors have found, the transition from an established and well loved series character to another is not always easy, or indeed popular. That said, it is no reflection on the books or the character, both are excellent. In all cases, the UK editions precede the US. There also at least nine short stories that have appeared in various anthologies. Liza Cody also edited the three 'Culprit' anthologies.


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