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Series Character: Daphne Wrayne and her Four Adjusters

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Shadow of the Four Ward Lock 1934  
The Grip of the Four Ditto 1934  
The Hand of the Four Ditto 1935  
The Mark of the Four Ditto 1936  
The Way of the Four Ditto 1936  
The Four Strike Home Ditto 1937  
Surprise for the Four Ditto 1937 Dust jacket artwork by J.F. Campbell. 3/6 per ECB
The Four Get Going Ward Lock 1938  
The Four Make Holiday Ditto 1938  
Challenge to the Four Ditto 1939  
The Four at Bay Ditto 1939 Dust jacket artwork by J.F. Campbell
Find the Professor Ditto 1940  
It Couldn't Be Murder Ditto 1940  
How Was it Done Ditto 1941 Dust jacket artwork by J.F. Campbell
Murder in the Pool Ditto 1941  
The Green Circle Ward Lock 1942  
The Mystery of Gruden's Gap Ditto 1942  
Murder as Arranged Ditto 1943  
Murder in the Air Ditto 1943  
Murder in Black Ditto 1944  
The Mystery of Joan Marryat Ditto 1945 Dust jacket artwork by J.F. Campbell
The Secret of the Grange Ditto 1946  
The Strange affair at Greylands Ward Lock 1948  
Missing from His Home Ditto 1949  
Other Than Natural Causes Ditto 1949  
On the Night of the 14th Ditto 1950  
Who Killed Henry Wickenstrom Ditto 1951  
The Jaws of Darkness Ditto 1952  
The Black Spider Ditto 1953  
The Circle of Freedom Ditto 1953  
The Strange Case of Pamela Wilson Ditto 1954  
The Best-Laid Schemes Ward Lock 1955  
Murder Will Speak Ditto 1954  
In the Dead of Night Ditto 1955  
The Mystery of the Corded Box Ditto 1956 Dustwrapper priced 10/6
When Thieves Fall Out Ditto 1956  
Desperate Steps Ditto 1957  
Foul Deeds Will Arise Ditto 1958  
Over Thin Ice Ditto 1958  
Not Long to Live Ditto 1959  
Third Time Unlucky Ward Lock 1959  
When Danger Threatens Ditto 1959  
Once Too Often Ditto 1960  
Wanted for Questioning Ditto 1960  
Once Upon a Crime Ditto 1961  
Perilous Hazard Ward Lock 1961  

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Further Information
Mark Cross, born 1876 and died 1961, was a pseudonym of Archibald Thomas Pechey, he also wrote under the name Valentine. Sadly, this is all the information we have on Mark Cross. This is something we should like to remedy for posterity. To that end, we welcome any additional information and should be only too pleased to publish it on this page.

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