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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Full Circle Chapman & Hall 1948  
The Painswick Line Chapman 1951  
No Bail for the Judge Chapman 1952 US: 1952 Harper
Ways and Means Chapman 1952  
Natural Causes Chapman 1953  
According to the Evidence Chapman Hall 1954 US: 1954 Harper
Brothers in Law Michael Joseph 1955 US: 1955 Harper
Friends at Court Joseph 1956 US: 1957 Harper
Much in Evidence Joseph 1957 US: 1957 Harper as Long Arm
Sober as a Judge Joseph 1958 US: 1958 Harper
Settled Out of Court Joseph 1959 US: 1959 Harper
Alibi for a Judge MichaelJoseph 1960  
Daughters at Law Joseph 1961 US: 1961 Harper
Unlawful Occasions Joseph 1962  
Independent Witness Joseph 1963  
Portrait of a Judge Joseph 1964 US: 1965 Harper
Fathers in Law Joseph 1965 US: 1965 Harper as A Child Divided
The Asking Price Joseph 1966 US: 1966 Harper
A Woman Named Anne Joseph 1967 US: 1967 Harper
No Fear or Favour Joseph 1968 US: 1969 Schuster as Blackmailers
Brief Tales From the Bench BBC 1968 US: 1972 Schuster
Tell You What I'll Do Michael Joseph 1969 US: 1969 Schuster
Juror in Waiting Joseph 1970  
The Buttercup Spell Joseph 1971  
The Wanted Man Joseph 1972  
Truth With Her Boots On Joseph 1974  
Cross Purposes Joseph 1976  
Hunt the Slipper Michael Joseph 1977  

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Henry Cecil Author Biography - Further Information
Henry Cecil, real name Henry Cecil Leon who also wrote under the name Clifford Maxwell, was born 19 September 1902 in London and died 1976. He worked as a solicitor and served his country with great distinction during World War II, he was awarded the Military Cross. His main series characters are Colonel Brain, Ambrose Low and Roger Thursby. For some inexplicable reason, though he enjoyed popularity amongst readers he seems not to received the attention he deserves from collectors subsequently. His work is superbly plotted with a fabulous comic wit which is always kept in balance . He also avoids the pitfall of being overly in-depth in terms of the law, something many writers whose career overlaps their books fail to do. Many of the books were never released in America, those that were are included above and any alternative titles have been noted. As can be seen when issued on both sides of the Atlantic then the UK edition precedes. In short, a highly recommended author and those you have yet to experience him could do worse than give him a try

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