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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
These Small Glories Angus 1946  
You Cant See Around Corners Scribner 1947 UK: 1949 Eyre & Spottiswoode
The Long Shadow Werner Laurie 1949  
Just Let Me Be Laurie 1950  
The Climate of Courage Collins 1954 US: 1955 Popular, as Naked in the Night
Justin Bayard Collins 1955 US: 1956 Morrow as Dust in the Sun
North from Thursday Collins 1960 US: 1961 Morrow
Forests of the Night Collins 1963 US: 1963 Morrow
A Flight of Chariots Morrow 1963 UK: 1964 Collins
The Fall of an Eagle Morrow 1964 UK: 1965 Collins
The Pulse of Danger Morrow 1966 UK: 1966 Collins
The High Commissioner Morrow 1966 UK: 1966 Collins
The Long Pursuit Morrow 1967 UK: 1967 Collins
Season of Doubt Morrow 1968 UK: 1968 Collins
Helga's Web Morrow 1970 UK: 1970 Collins
The Liberators Morrow 1971 UK: 1971 Collins as Mask of the Andes
Ransom Morrow 1973 UK: 1973 Collins
Peter's Pence Morrow 1974 UK: 1974 Collins
The Safe House Morrow 1975 UK: 1975 Collins
A Sound of Lightning Morrow 1976 UK: 1976 Collins
High Road to China Morrow 1977 UK: 1977 Collins
Vortex Collins 1977 US: 1978 Morrow

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Biography - Further Information
Jon Cleary, born in Sydney Australia 22 November 1917, served in the Australian military, then had several jobs before turning to writing professionally in 1945. he has won several awards, the most notable being a MWA Edgar Allan Poe award. He did write numerous other works, the most famous being The Sundowners, but given the nature of the site we have only included his mystery fiction work in the above bibliography.
His main series character was Scobie Malone, although he only appeared in a few books. As can be seen, the publishing priority between England and America switched complicating matters for some collectors. A serious author whose stories are always well plotted, but most impressive are his settings, always changing, original and engaging.

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