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Wilson Collison Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Gentle Gender Frank A. Munsey 1924 A short story published in
Argosy All-Story Weekly April 19, 1924
Argosy All-Story Weekly June 21, 1924 Frank A. Munsey 1924 A short story title unknown
Argosy All-Story Weekly November 29, 1924 Frank A. Munsey 1924 A short story title unknown
Argosy All-Story Weekly March 6, 1926 Frank A. Munsey 1924 A short story title unknown
Murder in the Brownstone House R. M. McBride 1929 From the records of a young lawyer
UK: Arrowsmith 1931
Diary of Death R. M. McBride 1930 Midnight Madonna in Manhattan)
Murder in the Rain R. M. McBride 1930 The chronicle of a curious crime
Blonde Baby R. M. McBride 1931 Reissued Broadway Publications, 1949
Expensive Women R. M. McBride 1931
Farewell to Women a Comedy About Sex R. M. McBride 1932
Red-Haired Alibi R. M. McBride 1932
Shy Cinderella R. M. McBride 1932
Millstones R. M. McBride 1933
One Night with Nancy Macaulay Company 1933 Dust jacket artist: Loederer
Reprinted Diversey Publishing 1948
Sexational Eve R. M. McBride 1933
Congo Landing R. M. McBride 1934
Dark Dame Kendall W. Sharp 1935
Save a Lady Kendall & Sharp 1935 UK: John Long 1936 as Begins with Murder
The Second Mrs Lynton Kendall & Sharp 1935
Glittering Isle Covici Friede 1936

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Wilson Collison Author Biography - Information About the Author
Wilson Collison, born 1893 and died 1941, is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author who also wrote under the pseudonym Willis Kent.
The British first editions, listed in the bibliography when applicable (re British Library), are rare, I don't recall personally seeing one let alone selling one.
The author also wrote play and screenplays, not included in the list of books above.

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