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Joan A. Cowdroy Bibliography

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Joan Cowdroy Series Characters: Li Moh - Chief Inspector Gorham

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Brothers in Love Sampson Low 1922
The Virtuous Fool Hutchinson 1924
The Inscrutable Secretary Hutchinson 1924
The King of Space Hutchinson 1925
The Idler: a novel Hutchinson 1926 As Joan A. Cowdroy
The Immortal Hutchinson 1927
Mask Hutchinson 1928
Tapestry of Dreams Hutchinson 1929
The Mystery of Sett Hutchinson 1930
Watch Mr. Moh! Hutchinson 1931 US: McBride 1932 as
The flying Dagger Murder
Murder of Lydia Hutchinson 1933 "Lydia Torrington, glamorous local resident drowns"
Disappearance Hutchinson 1934
Murder Unsuspected Hutchinson 1936
Framed Evidence Hutchinson 1936
Our Miss Flower Hutchinson 1937 288 pages (8)
Death Has No Tongue Hutchinson 1938 "The detective Mr. Moh, an enthusiastic gardener"
Nine Green Bottles Hutchinson 1939
Merry-Go-Round Hutchinson 1940
Murder Out of Court Hutchinson 1944
Morris Dance Hutchinson 1946

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Joan Cowdroy Author Biography - Information About the Author
Joan Alice Cowdroy, born 1884 and died 1946, is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author, though we've prepared a complete list of her books, this bibliography contains all of the books published by Joan A Cowdroy which are held in the British and Oxford Libraries.
These books are rare, we've never actually handled a first edition in dust jacket.
Death Has No Tongue and Murder of Lydia: A Mr. Moh Mystery have been reprinted by Dean Street Press which is the best hope for readers but there's little solace for book collectors - rare books!

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