Crime Fiction

CW Bacon aka CWB

Dust Jacket Artist and Illustrator

Below is a list of crime fiction/mystery jackets illustrated by C.W. Bacon
They are listed alphabetically by author surname
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Margery Allingham

Traitor's Purse - 1941 - Heinemann

Ralph Arnold

Fish and Company - 1951 - Heinemann
Skeletons and Cupboards - 1952 - Heinemann

Herbert Brean

Wilders Walk Away - 1949 - Heinemann
Hardly a Man is now Alive - 1952 - Heinemann

Christopher Bush

The Case of the Burnt Bohemian - 1953 - Macdonald
The Case of the Red Brunette - 1954 - Macdonald

John Dickson Carr

Below Suspicion - 1950 - Hamilton
The Nine Wrong Answers - 1952 - Hamilton
Patrick Butler for the Defence - 1954 - Hamilton

Raymond Chandler

The Little Sister - 1949 - Hamilton
The Simple Art of Murder - 1950 - Hamilton

Paul Costello

Blue Diamond - 1962 - Cassell

Harry Vernor Dixon

Something for Nothing - 1950 - Hamilton

Georgette Heyer

Duplicate Death - 1951 - Heinemann

P.M. Hubbard

Cold Waters - 1970 - Bles

Richard Hull

The Ghost it was - 1937 - Faber

Elspeth Huxley

Death of an Aryan - 1939 - Methuen

Baynard Kendrick

Death Knell - 1946 - Methuen

Jonathan Latimer

Headed for a Hearse - 1936 - Methuen
Red Gardenias - 1939 - Methuen

Margery Lawrence

Number 7 Queer Street - 1945 - Robert Hale

Austin Lee

Miss Hogg and the Bronte Murders - 1956 - Cape

Gladys Mitchell

Brazen Tongue - 1940 - Michael Joseph

Eden Phillpotts

Monkshood - 1939 - Methuen

Roger Simons

Murder First Class- 1969 - Geoffrey Bles
Reel of Death - 1970 - Geoffrey Bles

James Turner

Dark Index - 1959 - Cassell

John Tyndall

Death in the Lebanon - 1971 - Geoffrey Bles

Thomas Walsh

The Dark Window - 1956 - Hamish Hamilton

Maurice Watson

Reclining Nude - 1960 - Cassell

Patricia Wentworth

Seven Green Stones - 1933 - Cassell

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Biography - Taken From Art and Industry Vol 22 Jan-June 1937
C. W. BACON, artist of the animal and bird drawings for Esso which appeared during last year, and much other attractive work, is now 31. A year at Hastings Art School, two years apprenticeship in a commercial art studio, two years learning the day-to-day difficulties of advertising in an agency, have been his groundwork.

Since then he has worked as free-lance, for some time through R. P. Gossop, whose encouragement and guidance he gratefully acknowledges. His designs are varied ranging from the careful and naturalistic pen-and-ink technique of his animals to the impersonal design of a trade-mark.

Some of his best illustrations have been done for The Radio Times and are reproduced here, black scraper-board being the basis of the technique. In designing book jackets he does not find it helps to express the feeling a book gives one, as personal reactions to the story may differ widely, but that it is better to keep to a subject that is in effect an illustration.
As a commercial artist he approaches each selling problem from the point of view of that problem rather from that of his own designing. This accounts for his versatility of handling which gives the impression of all-round capability.


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