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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Blood on Lake Louisa Methuen 1937 Feb 37. DW 7/6
The Eleven of Diamonds Methuen 1937 Aug 37. DW 7/6
The Iron Spiders Methuen 1938 Feb 38. DW 7/6
The Last Express Methuen 1938 July 38. DW 7/6
The Whistling Hangman Hale 1959  
Death Beyond the Go Thru Doubleday 1938 US - no UK edition
The Odour of Violets Methuen 1941 DW 7/6
Blind Man's Bluff Methuen 1944 DW 7/6
Death Knell Methuen 1946 Dust jacket 7/6
Out of Control Methuen 1947 Dust jacket 8/6
The Tunnel Scribner 1949 US - no UK edition
British Library holds a US edition !
ECB states price of 8/6
You Die Today Hale 1958  
Trapped (US only) Fawcett 1952 as Richard Hayward
Blind Allies (US only) Morrow 1954  
The Soft Arms of Death Fawcett 1955 as Richard Hayward
Reservations for Death Hale 1958  
Clear and Present Danger Hale 1959  
Hot Red Money Hale 1962  
The Spear Gun Murders Hale 1961  
Frankincense and Murder Hale 1962  
Flight from a Firing Wall Hale 1968  

Further Information
Baynard Kendrick was in Philadelphia on 8th April 1894 and passed away in 1977. His publishing history is a chronological mess I am afraid. All the books were first published in the USA but UK editions were published out of sequence. Our list is for the English editions but ordered by original publishing date, thus keeping the books in the sequence the author intended. His two main series characters were Captain Duncan Maclain and Miles Standish Rice.

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