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This Margery Lawrence bibliography or checklist features mainly the crime-mystery fiction books written by the author.
Some listed are perhaps non-criminous though.

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Miss Brandt: Adventuress Hutchinson 1923  
Nights of the Round Table Hutchinson 1926  
Bohemian Glass Hurst & Blackett 1928 US possibly Fine Feathers. Curtiss 28
Drums of Youth Hurst & Blackett 1929  
The Madonna of the Seven Moons Hurst & Blackett 1931 US: 1933 Bobbs
Snapdragon Hurst & Blackett 1931  
Madame Holle Jarrolds 1934  
The Crooked Smile Jarrolds 1935  
The Floating Cafe Jarrolds 1936  
The Bridge of Wonder Robert Hale 1939  
Strange Caravan As Above 1941  
Step Light, Lady As Above 1942  
Number Seven Queer Street Robert Hale 1945 Black cloth, gilt titles. Dust jacket 10/6
US: 1969 Mycroft
Cardboard Castle As Above 1951  
Emma of Alhistan As Above 1953  
Evil Harvest As Above 1954  
Master of Shadows Robert Hale 1959  
Spanish Interlude As Above 1959 Dust jacket artwork by Val Biro
Green Archer As Above 1962  
The Unforgettable Heart Robert Hale 1963  
Dead End Robert Hale 1964 Dustwrapper by Val Biro
The Yellow Triangle As Above 1965 Dustwrapper by Val Biro
The Tomorrow of Yesterday As Above 1966 Dust jacket by Val Biro
Bride of Darkness Robert Hale 1967 US: 1969 Ace
Over My Shoulder As Above 1968  
The Green Bough As Above 1968 Dustwrapper by Val Biro
Autumn Rose Robert Hale 1971  
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Further Information
Margery Lawrence, born 1889 to 1969, had one main series character, Miles Pennoyer. Many of her stories are based in the supernatural though many contain a detective or mystery element.

First Page of Number Seven Queer Street
No. 7 Queer Street" is the address of a very remarkable man. " Queer Street" was originally Queen Street, but soon nicknamed " Queer Street" for reasons that will become plain to readers of this book of stories. It is an odd little backwater down Black-friars way. and Number Seven is an old house that stands at a corner, fronting on one side the River Thames and its shipping— a Muirhead Bone etching by day, a flaming Turner or a misty Whistler study at night—and on the other a sleepy little square containing gardens open to the public. Here / have often strolled with Pennoyer on a summer's evening, or sat talking on one of the battered wooden benches under the tall plane trees, sooty with London smuts but loud with the singing of the birds whom nothing, not even the blitzing of London in the Great War, seems to daunt. Pennoyer and I first met when we were undergraduates at Oxford together. He was several years my elder, but we had similar tastes, both being rather " solitaries " by nature and preferring good talk, books, music or a game of chess to the usual outdoor or amorous sports that appeal to the young male!


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