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Reclining Nude Cassell 1960 Jacket priced 12/6
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We only information we know is that this author was born in 1916, we would be very grateful to anybody who has further information about this writer. If you do, please do get in touch - many thanks.

Barney Steel could count twenty-six landmarks from his office, six floors above Piccadilly, not including the Windmill. He counted them often, because although when his telephone rang he never knew what it might lead to, it didn't often ring and that didn't often lead to much. But Barney Steel was a private detective, and sometimes a little excitement can come to members of his profession. On this occasion, it led to a beautiful redhead in a scarlet Cadillac in Hyde Park. She wanted him to keep an eye on her husband and his secretary, so she said, and gave him a key which, if her suppositions were correct, should fit the door of a certain flat. And that was how Barney came to find his reclining nude—or rather, the first of them. His former wife Marion, shot in the back, lay dead in the shower. It certainly seemed as if someone was trying to frame him for murder. Now, he wondered, who would want to do a thing like that ? Hard-boiled and unruffled he might be, but the manner in which his question was answered provided quite enough excitement even for Barney Steel.


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