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Eden Phillpotts Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

Series Characters: John Ringrose - Avis Bryden

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The End of a Life Arrowsmith 1891 No US edition
A Tiger's Cub Arrowsmith 1892  
Loup-Garou Sands 1899 No US
Fancy Free Methuen 1901 No US
The Transit of the Red Dragon Arrowsmith 1903 No US
The Unlucky Number Newnes 1906 No US
The Sinews of War Laurie 1906 US: Doubloons
The Statue Cassell 1908  
Tales of the Tenements Murray 1910  
The Three Knaves Macmillan 1912 No US
The Judges Chair Murray 1914 No US
The Master of Merripit Lock 1914 No US
Miser's Money Heinemann 1920  
The Grey Room Blackett 1921 Dust jacket artwork by Doco
Number 87 Butterworth 1922 as Harrington Hext
The Thing at Their Heels Butterworth 1923 as Harrington Hext
Black, White and Brindled Richards 1923  
The Red Redmaynes Hutchinson 1923  
Who Killed Diana Butterworth 1924 as Harrington Hext
The Monster Macmillan 1925 No UK as Harrington Hext
A Voice from the Dark Hutchinson 1925 Apr 25. DJ 7/6
The Marylebone Miser Hutchinson 1926 Apr 26. DJ 7/6. Artwork by C. Morse
US: Jig-Saw
Peacock House Hutchinson 1926 Aug 26. DJ 7/6
The Jury Hutchinson 1927 DJ 7/6
It Happened Like That Hutchinson 1928 ECB lists only a 'new edition' Feb 29
Found Drowned Hutchinson 1931 Mar 31. DJ 7/6
A Clue from the Stars Hutchinson 1931 Actual pub' Feb 32. DJ 7/6
Bred in the Bone Hutchinson 1932 July 32. DJ 7/6
Witch's Cauldron Hutchinson 1933 Jan 33. DJ 7/6
The Captain's Curio Hutchinson 1933 Apr 33. DJ 7/6
A Shadow Passes Hutchinson 1933 Oct 33. DJ 7/6
Mr Digweed and Mr Lumb Hutchinson 1933 Nov 33. DJ 7/6
The Wife of Elias Hutchinson 1935 Mar 35. DJ 7/6
Physician Heal Thyself Hutchinson 1935 Jul 35. DJ 7/6. US: The Anniversary Murder
A Close Call Hutchinson 1936 Apr 36. DJ 7/6
Once Upon a Time Hutchinson 1936 Aug 36. DJ 7/6. No US edition
Lycanthrope : The Mystery of Sir William Wolf Butterworth 1937 DJ 7/6
Monkshood Methuen 1939 Dust jacket 7/6. Artwork by C.W. Bacon
Awake Deborah ! Methuen 1940 DJ 8/6
A Deed Without a Name Hutchinson 1941 Not listed in ECB
Ghostwater Methuen 1941 Apr 41. DJ 8/-
Flower of the Gods Hutchinson 1942 DJ 8/6
The Changeling Hutchinson 1944 Feb 44. DJ 9/6. No US edition
They Were Seven Hutchinson 1944 Aug 44. DJ 9/6
There Was an Old Woman Hutchinson 1947 No US edition
Address Unknown Hutchinson 1949 No US edition
Dilemma Hutchinson 1949 No US edition
George and Georgina Hutchinson 1952 No US edition
The Hidden Hand Hutchinson 1952 No US edition
The Was an Old Man Hutchinson 1959 No US edition

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Further Information
Eden Phillpotts was born in India on 4 November 1862 and educated in England. He was a tremendously prolific author, writing at least twice as many non-criminous novels and countless short stories, both collected and uncollected. The publishing history is equally chaotic, priority between UK and US switches continually, and many titles were never published in the US. His series characters were Avis Bryden and John Ringrose. The author died in 1960.

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